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  1. I tried to register the new mailhost sr30.firestorm.ch but the mail from spamcop was blocked using rep.mailspike.net (see screenshot) I checked at mailspike.net: Anything you can do about it? Regards, Bernhard
  2. At the moment spamcop is not blacklisted by mailspike any more. Therefore, today I was able to register our mail host.
  3. Thanks for the answers. I agree, that using bl.mailspike.org would make more sense than using rep.mailspike.org. However this wouldn't make any difference as the rating of vmx.spamcop.org is the same for both lists. Trying to white list SpamCop with my ISP would only be a very partial solution. In my opinion SpamCop should take action to get delisted from rep.mailspike.org and bl.mailspike.org (just checked: has still "Worst possible reputation" on both lists). Correct me, if I'm mistaken, but I reckon the whole process of reporting spam to SpamCop is crippled, if mail from SpamCop is not delivered to the corresponding site administrators due to SpamCop being blocked by other blacklists. By the way: I just checked at mxtoolbox.com: SpamCop is currently also blacklisted with Backscatterer, Casa Cbl and Spfbl Dnsbl...