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  1. Reregistering my mail host resolved the problem.
  2. I tried both forwarding as an attachment and also cutting and pasting. The original message line is the result of only being able to cut and paste the full message out of thunderbird if I first forward it. I've submitted it without that line with the same results. In any case I'm reregistering my mailhost to see if that resolves the problem.
  3. I've recently move my mail server to a new machine. This machine runs spamassasin to flag spam. Now when I forward spam to spamcop it gives me the following: SpamCop v 1.412 © Ironport Systems Inc., 1998-2005 , All rights reserved. Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z737659884z95...cbeb1086f1e491z No source IP address found, cannot proceed. This happens for all email I forward, or cut and paste into spamcop. Any ideas why? Here is the email I tried to submit: From: - Tue Mar 01 15:15:17 2005 X-Account-Key: account2 X-UIDL: 420a0efc00000a8e X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 Return-Path: <inheritresshonorably[at]alaweb.com> <Wazoo: remainder of spam deleted as the Tracking URL was provided)
  4. Ok, here ya go. Logging into webmail gives me "There are no messages in this mailbox. " which is what I would suspect because all non-blocked email is supposed to be forwarded to my real address. From my recollection I have never had any email in webmail when I've checked. All valid mail is passed on to my real account, and all spam ends up as held-mail. I've checked all of my settings that I can. Nothing has changed that I see. I've been using spamcop for 3 years now and am familiar with how it works and how to report spam. I've changed nothing in my reporting, nor in my settings. I have one email account that forwards all email to my spamcop address. Spamcop then filters it and passes on valid email to my second, private, address. Anything spamcop thinks is spam gets put into my heldmail area and I check that via the heldlog link and report/whitelist etc. as needed. Finally all of the heldmail that I am able to see is from January 20th. I get one email listed, report it and get a single additional email to report. All have been from January 20th. I was out of town until January 29th and did not check/report any email during that time so I expected to have at least 1000 emails listed in my heldlog. I just reported the single email that was listed and it took 28 seconds to report and show me the next single email. Need anything else from me?
  5. I am speaking of the held email page located here: http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog Typically I have 80-100 a day and for the last week I've only been able to see 1 at a time. I do not use webmail as all mail is forwarded to my real account. In addition it is ridiculously slow for me. To report the single email that is listed takes anywhere from 30-60 seconds. SPAMCOP people, I pay for this service. Can one of you please look into what is going on?
  6. Starting this week my heldlog is only showing 1 email at a time. I get one email from a couple of days ago, report it and then see another one. I used to show 100 at a time and normally get about 80-100 caught a day. Any ideas?
  7. Doesn't matter what the time is, just that the checking should be done first.
  8. I'd like to find out when the date of spam is checked when reporting? It seems that much of the work is done, then date is checked and the spam is kicked out if it is over 3 days old. So we have to wait while you resolve IP's, etc. only to find out the spam is too old. Shouldn't any checking that would cause the spam to be kicked out be done first? Check the date, if it's too old stop there and kick it out. Don't bother IP checking etc. Thoughts?
  9. Is there any formal enhancement request process at SpamCop?
  10. This doesn't resolve the problem he (and I) have. Even with my spamcop email address I still get 10-20 spam a day that make it through the filter. I don't have his problem as I typically forward most of them at once, but it does seem like we should have the option to turn off that notification email. Like Torne, I never use the email link to report it. I log in and use the "Report spam" tab to report spam that I've forwarded.
  11. Howdy, I wasn't sure where to post this, and a quick search didn't find anything similar to this. I'd really like to see the "Report spam" process streamlined. It often takes 30 seconds to a minute to report a spam message. For someone like me, who forwards 15-20 emails a day this becomes quite tedious. For a long time I simply stopped forwarding them because I didn't want to take 15 - 20 minutes to report them each individually. I think this substantially lowers the number of reports you get, and consequently allows more spam through your filters. NOTE: I already pay for filtering, what I'm forwarding is email that makes it through SpamCop's filtering. Ideally I'd like to see this become more like the "Held Email" screen. Show me all of the email that is in my reporting queue at once. Then let me report them all at once. I'd like to see the listing look like this: Hours Old - Sendor - Subject ..........spamvertised URL1 ..........spamvertised URL2 Hours Old - Sendor - Subject ..........spamvertised URL1 ..........spamvertised URL2 EX: 2 Hours - Jack Hass (jackhass123[at]aol.com) - Buy Viagra Dirt Cheap! ..........http://buyviagra.com ..........http://dirtcheapdrugs.com 4 Hours - Carlos (asdfa23[at]aol.com) - Wanna quit your job? ..........http://workfromhome.com (note I used .......... to preserve the spacing I wanted). Give me a check box by each and let me choose which to report, or a "check all" option to choose them all. Then let me click on "report" and report them all at once. Anyone else like to see something like this?
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