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  1. Steven, Thanks for that bit of info, I was just reading the same, as i sit here waiting for the Mrs. to give up the bathroom so i can get ready for work. I'll give that a try. K
  2. Obviously i want to stay off the list. I only came here to voice my opinion that the criteria that is used (2 incidents and your on) is a bit draconian and that there should be something a bit more flexible than a one-time delisting option. I appreciate SpamCop as much as anyone else. Hell I wish i could get those higher up the food chain to use it, since a number of our clients do. Unfortunately they take a dim view of blacklisting services. If i'm guessing its because theres no type of notification that would tell me otherwise what email we sent that caused us to be listed. SO, based on what i've read, it would have to be our undeliverable responses that caused this. K
  3. I would have to say its probably non-delivery reports if anything. We dont operate any lists like what you mention. I just think its rather unrealistic to have it set for only 2 messages. For this very reason. And also, the delist option should at least apply per incident. Our previous listing occurred back in January. Yes i understand that the traps are mailboxes that are unlisted anywhere....but I still think that 2 messages as the trigger is unreasonable. But i guess thats just me. Thanks, K
  4. Greetings, yes its an old thread but i thought i'd reply anyway. If nothing else the threshold on the spam traps should be upped. According to spamcop's summary reports, you've received 2 instances of spam from my domain (ssd.com) in the last week. I think thats a ridiculously low number of emails to trigger being listed. Just my 2 cents. Other than that i like your service and wish we could start using it. K
  5. dra007: Yes i remember that, our first time getting BL'd. But i dont think its related. I'd love to be able to get more feedback on spam when its reported, at the very least, the headers in question so i can figure out if its some sort of autoreply, etc. Miss Betsy: There are options there for you to set up reporting to get reports on ip addresses. All i've received so far have been summary reports like what I first posted. I was hoping there would be a way to get more information in the reports. Thanks to you both, K
  6. Greetings, I'm trying to interpret the following spam summary report. Can anyone help? Also, how do i go about getting more detailed reports, assuming there are any to be had. Also, in the fact you mention an ISP account, i'm going to guess that would apply to me to since i'm the mail admin at this firm. How do i get one, or is that the same as the "For reporting-only account holders" link? Thanks! K -- spam SOURCE REPORT -- IP Address Start/Duration Trap User Mole Simp Additional comments Dec 20 06h/0 1 0 0 0
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