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  1. From spamcop mail page. But as appended below have eventually managed to find out how to work the system. Thank you for your concerns! Chris
  2. My apologies as I seem to have confused things slightly. If you KNEW me you would NOT be surprised by this though I originally had the folder FREECYCLE named Pay-Pal and with the sub folder TACKLE TARTS. I deleted all messages by hand? And then went to delete the folders themselves. they would not delete, I then changed the name of the PP folder to FREECYCLE and now I am not being allowed to put mail in as the folder does not exist (According to the system) And it will not delete. Does this help?? Chris Just gone to do as you asked and got this message? The folder 'Pay-Pal' was not deleted. This is what the server said: Mailbox does not exist, or must be subscribed to. Went back AGAIN now feeling V Confident thanks to you!! And deleted TACKLE TARTS. THAT DID IT!!!! RAY********** BZ fella, thank you!!
  3. FolderINBOX INBOX Mailbox angloinfo Mailbox drafts Expand FolderClosed Folder freecycle Mailbox Held Mail Mailbox sent-mail Mailbox STD Mailbox Trash Is this what you require?? The folder I was deleting was named Pay-Pal and is now the "Freecycle" Folder which has a SUB folder which is named "Tackle Tarts" (don't ask!!;-)) But allthough the Freecycle folder is showing as is the sub folder I now cannot place mail in that folder. Thanks for ALL your help!! MUCH appreciated. Chris
  4. Gone to delete a folder for placing mail for PP. But as I am personna non grata!! I wanted to delete the folder. I have a SUB folder to the main one and it is this little bleeder which is proving difficult to rid myself of!! I deleetd all the old mail, then went to select the folder..........This being where the problem started!! NO check mark box? Is one for the MAIN box but none for the sub box. And I can't now get shot of either?! Any ideas please peeps?? Chris
  5. Pardon me for breaking with protocol. For that I can only apologise ladies and gents. HOWEVER I take offence at the inferrence that you had posted a "FIX" to the problem above my first question. "You can setup your spamcop account to create messages in the same window so that the pop up blocker is noy coming into play." Does not in any way shape or form give me anything to solve the problem?? Or is it me?? I mean you SAY setup your account to do something, but give no explanation as to how one should do this? I do NOT wish to appear clever but I am a simple person as advised and as we all at sometime do need leading by the hand!! Would you Steve for instance know how to fix say a fluctuationg flame on an old BAXI boiler?? Same as I do NOT know about pop-ups etc. Suffice to say I have sveral HUNDRED messages I need to forward and cannot. Anyone have a fix PLEASE??
  6. Tried asking a question on this thread? http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...p;hl=forwarding But no replies so starting my own thread to see if that will illicit any answers?? trying to forward what is now several hundred messges to another mailbox!! BUT all to no avail!! PLEASE anyone sussed this yet?? And able to condense into a VERY simple format for me??
  7. Got SAME problem with S/Cop mail and am running on F/F. Newest version!! Would this be the reason?? Pop ups are blocked but not capable enough to check out the reason!! Chris
  8. I am getting just every now and again spam returned from Spamcop telling me that the mail is 3 or more days old and nothing can be done about it. (And it's in red, and my teacher says red riting means it's bad!) I know this message was received by me today and I submitted it certainly within 24 hours of getting it. So why is it marked as being 3 or more days old? Have they found a way around reporting?? This is the record, ifg someone could take a look and tell me what's going on please I would be most grateful. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z292405319z42...f03c117c808409z Thanks Chris
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