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  1. I tried it that way and found some white space in the middle of all the headers (ie: From: <space> spam-me[at]microsoft.com). I didn't/couldn't see any white space before, so not sure why I can now. Anyway, I removed it and she worked. Thanks for your help, now I'm off to complain to Opera about the way they handle headers.
  2. Yes I did see that. It only desribes the new way of doing things, which I did. And when I clicked the button, I found out immediately that there was a problem. As I said earlier, I try to help myself first. I searched google, I read thru the archived messages here, I read ALL of the stickies and so on before I asked for help.
  3. Not sure what you mean by this But I will try to explain. In normal operations I MUST use the "outlook/eudora workaround form" to report because Opera 7.5 doesn't seem to forward the full headers. I can only access them separately. When I signed up for the mailhosts system, it sent 2 emails to my account (via the 2 different servers). I clicked on the link in the email (http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=mhreturn) and pasted the headers and body into the correct box's, then submitted it. That's when the error appeared. Hope that helps. I don't mind continuing with the old system, (I don't really get that much spam, sometimes a week or 2 can pass without anything). But if I can help you guys debug the new system now, then it'll be great and (almost) bug-free later when it's the default.
  4. I did see that, and I removed all whitespace and tried again with the same result before I posted my message. (I don't like waiting for replys to my pleas for help, so I do everything I can think of to fix it myself)
  5. I can recieve the emails fine, I add the headers/body to the form and click process. But then I get "Userid not found for confirmation code: loh2en4cUU6yoAko Perhaps your confirmation code has been changed since you received this sample email. Please try again". (I received and processed the emails in less then 4 minutes so time isn't an issue). I deleted those emails and redid the full registration process only to receive the same error.