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  1. I said the entire yahoogroups.com domain, and Problem is, Yahoomail.com, which is where the majority of the spam originates from resolves to As of 2 days ago , these addresses are no longer showing up as being blacklisted. But, I have created a number of filters to allow the groups I belong to, to pass through the 'blacklisted' label.
  2. When you join a Yahoogroup, you "consent" to receiving email from the group. If this is a public and unmoderated group, then, yes you may get spam. Report the originator of the spam not the group. If you have trouble with this concept, then reserve your right to UNSUBSCRIBE from the group. Jeff S.
  3. Boy, I posted this question and a few days later I see where it has generated almost six pages of responses. Unfortunately, maybe I did not completely explain myself, or those of you in the know seem to have your head in the sand. So let me try this again. Mailwasher is reporting every email that comes from yahoogroups.com as being blacklisted by SpamCop. Fifteen minutes ago, I created a new group at Yahoo. Within 30 seconds, the notification that is sent indicating the group is created and active was blacklisted by SpamCop. The email that I sent to the list was also listed as being blacklisted by SpamCop. So I reiterate, why is Spamcop blacklisting the complete domain of yahoogroups.com? I believe that if you really read some of the other post, they are asking the same exact question. For those of you who are ‘experts’ on this subject, it might be wise to remember that not everyone is as computer literate as the next person. I have been in the computer business since I built my first computer (ISAMA 8008) back in 1974. I have certain expertise in hardware and software. However, when it comes to the proliferation of this spammming and email via the internet, I have to claim ignorance and that is why I posted my question after finding nothing that related to the problem in your FAQ’s. Remember, it is much easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. Jeff S.
  4. I started using SpamCop in conjunction with Mailwasher about a week ago. Eveything was going along smoothly until today. It appears any email message that comes via Yahoogroups.com is blacklisted by SpamCop. I have created filtes to get around this, but anyone have an idea what this is all about. Thanks Jeff
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