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  1. Questioning clients don't care about the reasons things don't work. I understand why things don't work..that's my job, but they don't want me to point them anywhere. Questioning clients just want email they requested to show up. To a client, the answer isn't that complex. If you ask for a service and it doesn't work the way it was expected, there's something wrong with the service. People just want their email to "work", and to them it doesn't seem to. I'm sorry this seems confusing to you. Yes yes, I know...it isn't a SpamCop problem. I just figure it's worth giving feedback on the system, so hopefully someone in this "while world out there" will consider these points and be inspired to fix its problems. In the meantime I'll do whatever I can. - Chris
  2. Well isn't this just lovely? Here's the message I sent to the support staff at the company that hosts our website and email: And the surprising reply... Aside from noticing the support ticketing system lacks spellcheck, here's what struck me: webhosting coalition? REQUIRES? "so they can un-block the big boys"? yah..good luck with that. Now I know the short answers from SpamCop disciples are "they're right..SpamCop is fair..and it does save a ton of resources" and "if you don't like it, move your site and email to another hosting provider" I'm wondering if anyone around here has the long answers. Does anyone here know of what "new webhosting coalition" he refers to? If so, can someone verify that such a coalition requires its members to use the software? I understand that this is an issue that's best addressed with my webhost, but given that there are hosts out there that take this approach (and mine can't be the only one...a whole "coalition", apparently) maybe it's time we all examine the larger picture and see if there's a better solution out there. It's kind of ridiculous that it's so much work for people to get email they chose to receive (in my case, it would have to be changing web hosting companies and eating the costs of the rest of my contract with them) because so many are so willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Incidently, I am a mail server administrator myself and I can certainly appreciate the value of services such as the one SpamCop provides. But I'm also a frustrated end user, and (as someone who isn't in a position to host all of his domains in-house) a service provider who can't give any good answers to his clients when they ask why they can't receive mail from opt-in lists. - Chris
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