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  1. Well I tried a few queries with no luck. Since you are so familiar with the exact issues I am trying to delve out here, perhaps you might have a link or more relevant search term that you could suggest for myself and other users as I am drawing blanks in my journeys....
  2. Is there any more information in them, for example, if the server sent the mail from "nobody" are there any clues as to the actual sending domain name and or path to the scri_pt responsible for sending the mail?
  3. Hi Guys, Is it possible on the new site (nice BTW) or planned to be possible where one can enter in the IP address listed in the SpamCop database and view from a browser any offending spam mails/ headers, etc similar to the information that is sent to the abuse department? Many managaged server providors handle the abuse[at] address and then end users (server owners, or their resellers) never get to see the actual offending email, at least without a lot of fuss. Thanks for your reply and sorry If I missed it, but perhaps a valuable forum post non the less.
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