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  1. Ditto, sir. Today I created a new account with a different commercial email hosting service, redirected 37 forwarding aliases with my web host, and updated 41 WHOIS records. I will not be renewing my SpamCop service next month. -Ken
  2. Same here, John. I understand the occasional hardware issue will occur, and since I don't use SpamCop for business emails, outages don't affect me as severely as they do some. But the frequency of the outages, and the peculiar style in which management communicates about those issues, is not how a paying customer deserves to be treated. I recently read a blog post by Alon Waisman that gave this suggestion for providing bad customer service: "Inaction is the worst action of all. Silence = abandonment." SpamCop represents this philosophy. There will always be a vocal minority who complain about bad service. But for a decade, I've been a paying customer who has lurked in these forums and never said a negative word about SpamCop. It's gotten to the point where they can't even hold onto me. -Ken
  3. I have email from my hosting company forwarded to SpamCop. I can see messages arriving at the former, but they're not being received at my SpamCop inbox. I've gotten no new messages in my SpamCop account in the last two hours, not since 9:42 AM EDT. I'm hoping this is just a hiccup and not yet another outage. We've had too many of those this calendar year. -Ken
  4. Seen on the news page: May 2, 2014: [16:08 EDT] We are acquiring new hardware to replace failing harware New mail is beginning to flow into my SpamCop mailbox. With a few random exceptions, most anything received between 8 AM and 5 PM EDT has not yet shown up.
  5. This problem seems to be recurring. I've received no mail at my Spamcop address in the last two hours (since around 8 AM EDT). I can see messages (including my own tests) arriving at their relay station, but when I log into my Spamcop webmail or POP my account, they're not there.
  6. The official response: "Sorry about that happening. The short outage yesterday afternoon resulted in some indices being rebuilt. It happened to me also."
  7. Done. In the meantime, I downloaded all 6,000+ messages and have sorted or deleted them accordingly, so I'm back to operating within normal parameters.
  8. Ugh. Mail might be back up — but when I go to POP it, my client wants to download all 6,000+ messages received in the last month. :-\ This was not the case after the last three outages this year.
  9. Ditto here. I'm getting mail at my intermediary address, and it's forwarding to SpamCop but not being received there. I've clicked the "Problem" button — thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Don, Thanks for the reply. I empty my Held Mail folder twice a week; it never accumulates more than a dozen messages. But based on that logic, perhaps I should suspect the 9714 messages in my inbox instead. -Ken
  11. When I log into my SpamCop webmail account, from the time I click "Log in" after typing my username and password to when my inbox appears is an inordinately long time — I most recently measured it at 102 seconds. This happens regardless of whether I'm using Chrome on my MacBook or Safari on my iPod Touch. It seems strange for such a delay to occur in webmail when I experience no such delay POPping my mail. Any idea why it's so slow, or if it can be sped up? -Ken
  12. I too am down to seven hours: I received at 11:30 AM EDT an email sent at 5:03 AM EDT. I hoped the matter would be resolved overnight. I agree that communication would be better. I tend to use the following link, not the forums, as my primary source for news: http://mail.spamcop.net/news.php I appreciate the updates this and other threads have instead provided. Now I hope any continued improvement doesn't follow Zeno's paradox. -Ken
  13. Thank you for the help, all! It's important to me that not only incoming mail be synced, but outgoing, too. If I continue to use POP on my computer but IMAP on my mobile device, will messages sent from the mobile device later be synced into the "Sent Mail" folder on my computer? -Ken
  14. Hello, I've been using Spamcop for about eight years, always POPping into Apple Mail. Locally, I've accrued about 100 folders and 4 GB of archived sent and received messages. My MacBook has always been my only computing device, so keeping everything synced by restricting my email usage to that machine has not been an issue. Now the whole world has gone mobile, and I would like to be able to send and receive messages on other devices and have that reflected in Apple Mail. I presume this means switching from POP3 to IMAP. I've used IMAP with other email providers, but I've never switched an existing account *to* IMAP. I have a few questions about the process. Will my 4 GB of local mail archives be uploaded to SpamCop's servers? If so, will my folder hierarchy be preserved? What storage limitations does my SpamCop account have -- will I max out before I can upload all 4 GB? Other than making local SuperDuper & Time Machine backups, is there anything I can or should do to prevent errors and data loss during the initial protocol transition? I searched the SpamCop Web site and forum to see if this topic has been discussed before but didn't see anything. I'd happily accept pointers to existing discussions, rather than repeat them in this thread. Thank you! -Ken
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