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  1. Well... Except that this was specifically regarding the MailHosts system, and how it impacts Mailing List Subscribers, which was the original discussion topic, and appears to have no relation to this new topic you created... I hope you can change that -- or move all these new posts into something titled, Better Handling of MailListHosts Needed in MailHosts System
  2. Eudora 6.x Pro's JUNK feature (not available to free users) is its own special filter, which I believe runs before the other filters, and may not be modifiable -- I have to research and experiment with this. Using Eudora's filters to accomplish this task will require dozens, quite probably more than 200, of filters -- because I will need one filter for every list-host from which I receive mail -- and I subscribe to more than 250 lists, for work and personal needs. SpamCop's database systems can handle this task far better -- and won't need nearly the same amount of aggregate time investment from users, list-admins, and SpamCop admins....
  3. I'd love to. Can you please make it easier for me to follow this rule? My MUA, Eudora (which I know the SpamCop Deputies hate SO MUCH that your documentation has never been fully accurate for more than a few days), sorts JUNK mail into its own folder for me, regardless of whether it came to me through a list or otherwise. I receive roughly 100-300 JUNK messages per day. I review the JUNK box, typically finding 0 false positives, and submit the whole kit to SpamCop by email submission (which does work, just fine, using a variant of the AppleScript now in your documentation). I don't have the time to review all the headers one-by-one, to see which came from which mailing list -- it seems that it should be fairly easy to have another category of mailhost to the SpamCop parser, which when matched said `you can't report this spam -- except to the mailing list admin, <fred[at]jones.org>.` and presented that, with no further analysis of the headers, and no list-host complaint applied to that portion of the database which governs the blacklist. I'd like to be able to submit the mailing lists I'm on, which you could easily do MX lookups on, and/or the listhosts I receive mail from, such that I could not accidentally report those hosts -- which I had thought was one of the key points of the mailhosts system -- not accidentally reporting hosts which were authorized to send me mail.... Alternatively, list-admins might need register their lists and admin addresses, such that any user report (from me) against mail received through their list would only be reported to them, but this requires that people who don't now use SpamCop start doing so, and thus seems less likely to work out... Thanks for considering it.... (though, I submitted java scri_pt patches years ago, for the report-this-host check-box warnings, fixing the issue with badly placed linebreaks [seen when viewed in non-Windows, non-IE browsers], and those -- which required *zero* thought on your side, just replacement of the existing scripts -- have never yet been implemented, so I have little hope of this.... )
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