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  1. Spamcop reporting URL Moderator Edit: Although not a Tracking URL, link does take one to see the spam (as submitted) .. thusly the spam as posted here in its entirety was deleted.
  2. For a list of words you can go to http://wiki.wordpress.org/?pagename=SpamWo...2226f4b0b45c541 For a spam score of an e-mail that going to send go to "SpamCheck" http://spamcheck.sitesell.com/
  3. This a new type of spam that I hate. The reason that I really hate it is because when I click on Report Message as spam it is to, Send a copy of the message to the Abuse Team at mailcity.com/lycos.com, which is one of my ISP(s) for e-mail, and Delete the message. When I pressed that button it did not delete the message . http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z814253428z29...2a7e51c3815e54z Headers of message... Edit: the entire (massive) spam was posted below .... the whole point of providing the Tracking URL is to prevent the posting of spam in here ... sucking up disk space, sucking up screen space, of very little value in most cases due to the white-space issues of this application .... Headers (and entire spam body) was deleted from this posting .....
  4. Updated info on the magnitude of these IP Addresses from senderbase.org Magnitude Vol Change vs. Average Last day 4.4 68% Last 30 days 4.3 26% Average 4.2 Magnitude Vol Change vs. Average Last day 4.3 -33% Last 30 days 4.4 -28% Average 4.5 From thread http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,14271389 Where it says Magnitude Vol Change vs. Average Last day 4.3 2342% Last 30 days 3.8 562% Average 3.0 Why his chain letter went through ?
  5. Thanks for info. Post "semi-resolved." I sent a message to the admin(s) / Moderators.
  6. Is it abuse? What a person find that affending? I do not find it affending right now (Reason: I do not know what the user, in plain straight / regular english, just said).
  7. What is the ISP that you work for? I agree, you are not authorized to report e-mail as spam that is not intended for you. You can, regaurdless of the recipient, report all illegal porn.
  8. What is a provoking coda? What does the thought provoking coda mean? Should I reply to the person who sent this? If so, how? Or should I report as abuse to the admin of the server? Thanks in advance. PS. If wrong area to post this. Please just move it. A thought provoking coda. It's IRC, if you go in to see if there's a channel, the channel will be created just for you, and such is the way with old internet technologies. If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody around........ And just what IS the point in having a party without any dancing girls ? Really, if you feel a need for a chat channel, feel free to create or takeover one. nobody else would appear to be interested. And if this is really what you would deem Serious, I'd hate to imagine how you would deal with personal tragedy, serious depression or some kind of addiction.
  9. For you users using FF (aka:FireFox) I found a cool extension. Yes it really, logged in or not, works on boards powered by phpBB. Sorry IE (Internet Explorer) users.. you are stuck reading other users post. IE users have to manualy ignore users. Firefox Extension: phpBB User Hide 1.2 This one is just a compiled Greasemonkey scri_pt, that is based on one made my Unarmed on the Mozillazine forums. Features: New For this version: Now works with quotes! Adds a little [X] in front of the username on every post in virtually every phpBB installation. Clicking the little [X] adds the user to your hide/ignore list.. basically you can’t see their posts unless you click a button to show them on a per-post basis. Click the X again and the user is removed from your ignore list, returning his posts back to normal. Really usefull if a certain member gets on your nerves, and you are at risk of being banned from the forum because of your retaliation posts against him Wink Download it here: [Mozilla Update] It will work with Firefox versions 0.9x to Deer Park (nightly builds). This extension runs without greasemonkey installed.
  10. http://netilium.org/~mad/dctf/dctf-1.wmv I do and will not copy, unless for ex: "open source", software. This video was great! Rewording because the video is kind of old but it still applies. Don't Copy That Floppy / Diskette / CD / DVD / HD (Hard Drive) / Jump Drive / Tape / NAS (Network Attached Storage) / or program.exe, program.zip, ETC [if something or things(s) not metioned]...!!
  11. All I can suggest is, "To prevent users from spamming that forum. Not only does the person need to confirm to post anything on that forum, also to have a URL listed in user profile."
  12. We keep on having users joining and posting Questionable hyperlinks. What can the site admins / Moderators do about this? It is getting very annoying. ( OLD: taken care of by site admins / Moderators ) Questionable hyperlink found in user profile Cyvellao ( http://compwise.cpals.com/phpBB2/profile.p...ewprofile&u=297 ) Website: http://distance.holmacollege.org/lmhc/ Occupation: education Interests: college, school, distance learning The URL http://distance.holmacollege.org/** Redirects to http://www.search-ok.com/search.php?q=**************
  13. I am sorry that is not possible. The e-mail is being rejected on the server side. The closest possible thing to that is called "Safe List." The very serious downside to this is that be using it, "Only accept incoming messages from addresses on this list." (code REF) Reference http://help.att.net/docs/use/email/gen/prb...pc-email-manage
  14. SSL Connection to AT&T (worldnet.att.net / att.net) from pool-*.phil.east.verizon.net (DSL service)
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