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  1. That's the same process, I use - and it mostly works.. However, the feature I'd most like to see is that having queued a bunch of spams for reporting and clicked on the delete/release button, the report spam page should automatically load, and even better, with the first spam already processed and ready for reivew and reporting - this would save me 2 clicks per visit - and a further click for every spam. On average, I think I'd sake like 50 clicks a day and reporting would be much smoohter.
  2. Hi Julian I hope you're still monitoring all this. SO, I've tried again as you requested. But not over the weekend, because I was kinda busy. I booted up my linux box to enable me to do this with Mozilla and did it for the following MXs rhodesconsulting.co.uk - which worked apparently virgin.net - which didn't hotmail - no sign as yet yahoo - ditto Actually, none of the last three have sent me an email saying that it couldn't/did't/would't work. But I didn get a mail thanking me for adding the rhodes one. So, I am still a bot confused. The error message I am getting at the moment is: Mulling it over in mz mind, I wonder if the fly in the ointment is that although I can pop from virgin (or get my spamcop account) to do it, I don't smtp through their servers anymore - mostly because I am not in the country and their servers don't allow mail relay. So, I use the rhodesconsulting one, because that's mine and I have it secured with SSL. Could this be the problem? Lyd
  3. Tried to add another account only to find that the bl.spamcop.net blocked it
  4. Well, that's me completely out of the equation Julian. Firstly, I use Outlook as an MUA and returning the account configuration emails is impossible in the format you desire. Even doing it via the spamcop horde IMP interface threw an error returned. Secondly, my primary ISP until now (virgin.net) is actually hosted by NTL - producing the error pasted below. Thirdly, I now run my own server -- which the rest of the world recognises as mail.rhodesconsulting.co.uk - your SW tried to send the emails to www.rhodesconsulting.co.uk and I never got them. Forthly, you said in response to another post that people can mix and match how they do this. Trying to report from 2 different machines/networks (and three different broswers hasn't rolled any thing back. So, the spams I have in my held mail folder are growing and I can't report them because most seem to stop at the virgin.net IP ( Lastly, I use Quick reporting, if there are more than 20 spams in the Held Mail, because as dedicated as I am to populating your BL, even I don't have that much time.. Presumably, that's not a good idea until I stop getting my ISP's IP as the last one? Wasn't that what you were trying to stop anyway? I think I approve of what you're trying to do, but it's tanked my contribution, that's for sure. I hope these points help you get it fixed in a hurry. Lydiard On the basis that no one wants spam in this discussion forum, I've posted the link to the report. It's a gppd example. One thing I don't understand is why it's asking me to ensure virgin.net is not my own service provider.. When, it clearly recognises it that that is the case, because of the confirmation steps I went through this morning.. If you can't read the link, please contact me. ===================================================== Example of error: ===================================================== http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z357860743z0c...fc65827d5615d2z
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