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  1. Hi! I know SpamCop removes my mail address, when I'm sening a complain. I would like to add other things, that SpamCop should remove: - My username (before [at]) - My domain (after [at]) - Other texts (that I can specify myself) - Random text (this is a hard one to remove, but it's the random text, that's often seen in spam mails, so the spammer can identy the person who complained). My Delivered-To headers look like this: domain-username[at]domain.tld Right now only username[at]domain.tld is being "converted" into an x, so the line would look like this to the spammer: Delivered-To: domain-x Since I'm the only person who uses this domain, the spammer can pretty easy identify me. He can guess on the .tld (top level domain, like .com), or just search his list for the domain. Please note: The domainname before the [at] is without ".tld". Example: Delivered-To: frfgrgxdomain-username[at]frfgrgxdomain.com becomes: Delivered-To: frfgrgxdomain-x I hope this makes sense to you. Can this be fixed? I don't like the spammers to know who I am - when some stupid ISPs forward the complain to them. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Lasse
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