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  1. And here we go again, again listed because of a bounce. Apparently a quota exceeded message triggered this %&*%*& trap again. I don't see how you can say SPF has nothing to do with this in this case: Our server recieves a mail from blabla[at]blabla.net for me[at]kabel.netvisit.nl through a SPF checking gateway. blabla.net does not designate permitted sender hosts, so the gateway cannot check whether the sender host is really blabla.net. The mailbox for me[at]kabel.netvisit.nl is over quota, so a bounce message is being sent to blabla[at]blabla.net and our server is on the blocklist again. If blabla.net would have designated permitted sender hosts by means of SPF, the message would not have been accepted by the gateway in the first place, because apparently the sender was faking the from address.
  2. Why is Spamcop still blacklisting servers because of them sending bouncemail (no such user, account over quota, etc.)? If SPF had been configured for the domains used in the from field, the mail would not have been accepted in the first place and no bounce mail would have landed in the spam trap.
  3. I'm currently in a email conversation with Spamcop, it apparently was another bounce. I think an over quota message. SPF should have coverd this by now so no more blacklisting would be neccesary
  4. It'll probably get listed again as I don't know what to do about it... It would really be helpful if there was a way to check for evidence.
  5. As of a week ago one of our mailservers is being put on the spamlist. Spamcop's Ellen stated that it was because it was sending lots of user unknown bounces. Ok fair enough, we stopped that. But now it has been blocked again and there is no way I know of to check how this happened... Has something in the spamcop policy been changed? We've been running this mailserver for years like this and suddenly there seems to be a persistent problem. Please help me out here as we're no spammers and don't want to be seen as such. The server is (in reply to Miss Betsy on nntp)
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