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  1. I have Firefox running on Win 2K and am experiencing no problems at all. Clive
  2. Hello I am receiving this error message every 3 to 4 reports. Confusingly, the refreshed page apparently shows that messages have been sent. Can't send report: smtpEnd: message transmission failed: 554 #5.3.0 Server Error Thanks
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    Talking of scams - a marriage made in hell: China has successfully launched a communications satellite for Nigeria. The aim of the satellite is to improve phone and internet links across the country and the wider region. Nigeria has been experiencing a communications revolution. Only a few years ago there were no mobile phones, landlines barely worked and there was no internet.
  4. Right, I will amend my settings. I took my lead from Spamcop's instructions: "Personal copies of outgoing reports - If you wish to receive a copy of every outgoing report, enter your email address here." "Public standard report recipients - If you wish others to receive a copy of every spam you submit, enter the email address here." If Knujon prefer the 'personal copies' route then I will go that way too. Tell me, do you send them copies of all the messages you report or just those with confirmed spamvertised site links? Clive
  5. This does not directly address your questions but I have entered the Knujon address in the 'Public standard report recipients' box and have had no bounce reports or rejection messages at all.
  6. I have contacted them to point out the factual inaccuracies but expect more uninformed posting sometime soon.
  7. I am getting the identical messages. The 'database error' spams (from my held mail) have vanished completely.
  8. In Thunderbird dropdown menus: Tools - Options - Composition (3rd menu item) - Forward messages (1st item) - select 'as attachment'
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