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  1. Well, when I call Wanadoo. they of course said they are not responsible, either... How is the little guy supposed to send legitimate e-mails when no one takes responsibility for their being blocked? How can this thing call itself "SpamCop" and then say that it has nothing to do with blocking anything? (I'm not talking about the technical procedures involved, I'm talking about the final effect of your "service.") It's not a matter of adding gas and changing the oil, it's like GM sold you the car and some other company (SpamCop and the ISP that use that service) comes along and steals your keys or tells someone else to do so. You may say I'm stupid, but I just don't get why (to switch metaphors slightly) there's this roadblock being thrown up in front of me, just because I'm subscribing to Wanadoo (which is, after all, a major ISP, not some fly-by-night Spamming operation). Since my wife's professional website is there, and people know that Wanadoo URL, I can't just switch ISPs because someone else has come along and unnecessarily created a new problem while claiming to solve the real problem of spam. I still get spam all the time, and now there's another problem on top of it! This is written in pure frustration by someone who isn't a computer whiz. I'd appreciate some constructive answers, not snide remarks.
  2. All this hassle just to send an legitimate e-mail! I tried to send an e-mail and it was blocked by this dumb service: <davgraham[at]merseymail.com>: host mail.merseymail.com[] said: 550- listed at bl.spamcop.net ( Blocked - see 550 http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? ) (in reply to RCPT TO command) So I signed up and found myself here. Please unblock me: curtis[at]msh-paris.fr I'm not some computer nerd and have no idea how to deal with this waste of time.
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