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  1. The web interface seems to be crawling today. In the last couple of days, I have also experienced problems attaching documents (DB unknown error) and opening messages (An unknown error occured). The database may have some corruption due to the hard shutdown earlier in the week. I sent an e-mail to the support address, but I have not heard anything back yet. Is anyone else having these problems?
  2. Another update: I just received a test message in my Inbox which was sent from one of my other accounts a few minutes ago. Things could be improving. Old mail is probably still being queued somewhere.
  3. Tim, I do not POP mail from third party servers, but I believe there are some posts in this thread which indicate that mail has been POP'd by Spamcop and is sitting in a queue somewhere (currently unavailable).
  4. Sorry about that DT. I have fixed the post.
  5. The POP3 address I am using is mail.spamcop.net. If you want to use IMAP, that address is imap.spamcop.net I was able to retrieve all of the messages from my mailbox which existed before today's disaster, but that's all.
  6. Hmmmm.......I'm starting to wonder if something got corrupted when the servers lost power. That might explain the unusually long downtime today.
  7. I think it's time for a new datacenter. The biggest reason to place your servers in a datacenter is reliability (redundant power, redundant routes, BGP for internet connections, etc). If power completely fails, they should have a sufficient UPS system to handle the load for a significant amount of time.
  8. It looks like mail is being queued somewhere. I successfully sent some mail to my account, but it has not shown up in my Inbox (via POP3 - which is working). Even if the system was restored back to normal operation, it could be several hours for mail to work its way through the queues and into the mailboxes. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  9. Most of the mail servers will send in increasing increments of time (i.e., 10 min, 20 min, 60 min, 2 hours, etc). As the system is down longer, these delays could get very long. I may receive an e-mail at 6:00pm which was sent to me at 8:00am. This may cause me to lose an opportunity as I am currently negotiating a contract with a company regarding employment. I don't anticipate that SPAMCOP would reimburse me for lost wages. Do they have an SLA for the e-mail service?
  10. If new mail is not coming into the system, what good is the POP3 functionality? I was expecting some important information about a job today. It's just my luck that the system crashes today of all days. The people running this system need to implement a better procedure for getting notified of these problems. It's been down for hours now. Does anyone know if this will be fixed soon?
  11. I just got about 20 of these, also. Could this be a new spammer tactic?
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