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  1. Hello ! Firstly I want to thank you for the service that you provide. It is really helpful. I have 1 question for you. About 6 monthes ago I have subscribed myself in order to receive a CD. It wasn't sad that I will receive e-mails after that. Now, the owner of the site where I made my subscribtion have transmited my private information to the organisation which makes a delivery of his spam (I think it is a spam). It is impossible to unsubscribe. I have tried many ways to do it but I still get this spam. I had a conversation whis the person who have transmited my data (his name is Sergey), I have tried to contact with admins of that organisation that sends Sergey's spam to me ("mail.ru"). Sergey says that he can't help me, that he doesn't have the influence to the organisation that sends his spam. I don't know what to do, the unsubscription on "mail.ru" doesn't work also. It asked me to confirm my subscription on their site, I did it because I thaught that it will help me to unsubscribe (it didn't). I have only 1 choise -- to use your service and to spoil their lives, may be one day it will work and they will stop send me thair spam. I want my activity not to be considered like a hooliganism, I did not subscribed for the spam, I don't have a possibility to unsubscribe. Thank you. Aleksey (from Ukraine, sorry for my English ).
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