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  1. You are blocking our business email. THis must stop at once. We do not spam and have sent only 2-10 emails a week since we got on line over 2 years ago. You are blocking contacts with our customers and clients wasting out time any money. Our email is sent though web mail from our isp hostsave.com and some from outlook to our hostsave address. You do not have the right to randomly block businesses who pay someone else for their email service and do not abuse it. There are better way like mail filters and junk in boxes. By blocking innocent email you are causing more problems then the possible junk mail that it would have taken someone 3 seconds to scan over and delete. Each time this happens I will now inform the customers and clients that there ips's are using a service blocking email in error and they might also be loosing buisness and loosing emails and they should no longer use this service.
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