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  1. Just seen dbiel's response to aardwolf's post entitled Mailhosts - definitions above and got the answer I needed; now that the SC mailhostdb knows about both the IP's on our box (regardless of the domains we service mail for) no further action should be required on our part. If this is likely to change at any point in the future, can I politely ask you post it in large, friendly letters on the front of the spamcop.net website? I'm gonna have a bucket load of additions if I ever have to list them all
  2. Tiny bit of background, then a question... In January, we upgraded our AS measures on our mail hosting server (CommuniGate Pro on FreeBSD) to include SpamAssassin 3.0.3, and we built a SpamCop account at that time so we could use SA's reporting mechanism to submit stuff to SC in a moderately automated way (a human still has to start the reporting run...). Having done this a couple of times, we now find ourselves listed in the SCBL, and I am pretty sure it's a result of us reporting spam mail destined for one (or more) of our customer domains.</BACKGROUND> <QUESTION>I have begun to add mailhost entries for our server to the mailhost system, but for the two domains I have used for testing (the ones on our server for which I have a physical account) I am getting only a single mailhost record with the two external IP's for this machine listed. Do I need to register all the other domains (30-odd), or will the mailhost system work them all out from the IP addresses (both of which are now in there)?
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