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  1. I forward all spam to spamcop.net, but in addition to that, I also report it to one of the following, if appropriate: Prescription Emails If emails attempt to sell prescription medications online without requiring a physician's prescription, the Food and Drug Administration would like to know about it, so I forward them to webcomplaints[at]ora.fda.gov . Fraudulent or Deceptive Practices If the spam involves fraudulent or deception practices, I forward it to uce[at]ftc.gov . Bank Scams I forward all bank scams to the appropriate bank. I take the time to track them down and give them the fraudulent email that is fraudulently using their name. I've noticed that the bank scams are on the decrease (at least the ones that were coming to me). Do you know of any other organizations that should be appropriately notified of spam emails???
  2. ROFLMBO If you post his email here, then he will get signed up for a lot more than that!!!
  3. LOL Dooooo it!!! Dooooooo it!!!! ROFLMBO Better yet, give us the spammers email address!!!
  4. me again


    All of those things were already done. However... In my yahoo account, I cannot forward an email as an attachment unless I actually click on the email itself. If I don't click on the email, then there is no "forward to" button. However, once I click on the email, a "forward to" button appears.
  5. me again


    Here are two examples: And: Yahoo didn't even detect that they are spam. There is no message attached to them.
  6. me again


    If I don't open the email, then I can't forward it to spamcop and can't see the headers, which spamcop needs. So what to do???
  7. me again


    I've gotten a few emails that have a period "." in the from box and a period in the body of the message (and nothing else). When I hit the reply button, my email address was in the "send to" box instead of the spammers email address. Has anyone ever experienced this and can anyone explain it?
  8. I'm one of those new SPAMCOP users who is starting to get discouraged, but what can I do??? All I can do is keep reporting it. Or I can lay there and "just take it" (no way). I'm starting to conclude that only a few punches in the faces of the spammers with my fists would deter them. Otherwise, they are unstoppable.
  9. Greetings!!! I am computer illiterate, except at the user end where I am quite comfortable. I know nothing about spam, but since I'm a victim of some pernicious spammers, I am willing to do just about anything to fight them, to include learning how to become more computer literate. I will view the battle against spammers as a new hobbie. I found this website by accident -- and I found SpamCop by accident as well, but I have been using it now for about a week. If there is anything that I can do in this battle, then please let me know. I guess I can sort of be a "confidential informat" for the police or, uhhhh, for SpamCop. I'll be reading more at this website. Yeaa, I know I have a blank look in my eyes. How did you find this website and why are you here?
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