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  1. Like many others i own a domain name, and whenever i register for a service i use a unique email address at that domain. eg. spamcop[at]domain.com This way if that website gives its database to spammers i know where they got it. I noticed that im getting spam to the email i gave to spamcop a few years ago. Anyone else notice this?
  2. Its like this http://www.liveproxy.org/secure/nph-proxy.pl
  3. Wazoo you are not understanding what i mean. The proxy is not making a smtp connection. The proxy is making a http connection to a webmail service on another server out of my control, the webmail then sends an email based on the http request. eg. spammer visits hotmail.com in a browser through the proxy, and hotmail is forging a recieved header with my ip as the smtp originator when its really just a http request. (hotmail works correctly, this is just an example) There are thousands of different webmail providers and software out there, there is no reasonable way for me to block access to webmails through the proxy. The request is a standard http request to a webserver on port 80 when it leaves my network, it should not be my problem if some other external machine is converting these requests into smtp connections and then forging my ip as the orginator. Mainly the problem is spamcop is not detecting the forged headers and is sending the complaints to the wrong place.
  4. I am trying to figure something out. One of my customers run a cgi proxy service, access to port 25 is blocked so that spam cannot be relayed through the proxy, it only allows http access. The problem is, spammers are accessing http sites (webmail) and using it to send spam, and those webmail servers are forging my IP as the sender in the headers, even tho they are the ones who are originating the SMTP connection. Example: Why is this spam being reported to me and not beth.linkline.com where it really originated???
  5. All IP's are I am registered on abuse.net. And yes I live in ireland and rent colo space in Houston.
  6. I am the owner of hostultra.com The domains you mentioned 1-HYDROCODONE.COM etc.. were suspended for non-payment, they have been with us for 2 years and i never got any abuse reports for them. I have thousands of accounts I do not check the content of any of them, i do quickly remove anything illegal that is reported to me or through my isp. I certainly do not have any abuse or spam problems, i get one complaint maybe every 2 months or so, which i think is good considering the number of accounts.
  7. This only lets me receive aggregate reports, which i dont want. I want the actual reports. Spamcop used to allow anyone to add themselves to the 3rd party reports for any ip address (regarless if they are the owner or not), I dont know if this function has been removed or maybe i just cannot find it. For example, in my ISP account the "routes" for my new IP's say "Third party interested in daily aggregate summary reports" but my old ip's say "Third party interested in all reports" Thats what I want, all reports, not agregate. Thanks
  8. Hello, I own a small web hosting company and recently changed ISP. I want to receive the spam complaints about my servers. Spamcop seems to only send the reports to my upstream bandwidth provider cogentco.com (which actually i am in the alphared datacenter, not owned by cogent). This means that reports go to cogent, forwared to alphared dc, then finally to me. This takes a few days. I tried to add myself to receive "3rd party reports". But all the spamcop ISP section lets me to is receive aggregate reports. So all I get is an email saying IPs reported in past hour: 66.28.***.** Which is useless to me, how am I supposed to find the offending message with just the server ip? Spamcop changed the ISP section since i was at my old ISP When i was in EV1 i always got the 3rd party spam reports with the spam message and headers attached. How can I add my new IP addresses to receive the spam reports? Thanks, Eric
  9. The IP is After removing the site i went to check if the IP was blocked. I guess it could have been a spamtrap i dont know. The only reports i got from spamcop was the 8 dupes of the same spam all within 5 minutes. So i just assumed that the block was based on those reports from that one user seeing as i did not get any others. The problem is that i did not even get a chance to deal with the problem before it was blacklisted.
  10. In outlook express try use your ISPs mailserver for outgoing mail. If you dont know what your ISPs mailserver address is then call them.
  11. Hello. I sell web hosting and we today had a customer who used his account to send ebay fraud spam. The problem is ONE spamcop user reported the same email 8 times within 5 minutes and got our server IP blocked. I know that spamcop blocks an IP automatically after a certain # of results but spamcop should make sure that these reports come from different user. A single user should not have the power to block any site he wishes by submitting the same spam multiple times. His user name is "Allan Holm". Thanks, Eric
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