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  1. The IP Address of my email server is I checked it on spamcop.net and it says it is not bolcked
  2. I had the user send me an e-mail, we are both on the same mail server. When I receive the message the following is added to the subject: X-IMail-spam-Connection When I view options of the message, I get: X-IMAIL-spam-DNSBL: (SpamCop,86c1049502a288bf,
  3. One of the users on my email server is getting tagged as spam by spamcop. Here is the message I get when I view options in the message using Outlook X-IMAIL-spam-DNSBL: (SpamCop,8a74030501948999, Does spamcop block individual e-mail addresses? If so, how do I get that address cleared? Thanks
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