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  1. FWIW, 3 weeks later... those porn spams have suddenly stopped. Not sure why (could it be the thousands of reports sent?). This unexpected silence is scaring and I fear now some retaliation! (I haven't used the "mole" option in the SpamCop preferences, only the "Obscure identifying information" for which I read it may not be that much obscure).

  2. Thank you so much Lking for your valuable help, everything is clear now!

    I'll proceed now to Mailhost configuration.

    EDIT: so I'm done and everything looks fine (though I didn't see the [Quick Report] alternative). I'm just reporting an obsolete link at the end of the Mailhost process which brought me to "The page you requested does not exist". The link is http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showforum=7

  3. thank you Lking. Just to make sure I understand correctly:

    - when you say "you must  review the results more carefully to assure you do not sent reports to part of your normal email processing system", you mean essentially check that the recipients listed in "Report spam to:" while reporting a spam are correct (do not include for example my own email provider)?

    - once Mailhost is configured, the reporting process is the same for me? (copy paste and send report)

  4. Hi,

    that's surely a very stupid question, but concretely what are the changes after Mailhost configuration? I am currently using SpamCop by posting reports in the "Report spam" section, will that change after proceeding to Mailhost configuration via the "Add first hosts" button? Will reports be easier? Faster?

  5. MIG, I like your warped sense of humour, yes, brave and likely idiot. To keep you and mojorisin up to date: I did write to support@liaisontorride.com, support of the porn site that is linked by the spams. I got a reply telling me they didn't have me in their data base. I replied and provided an example of said spam, so that they can check those links. And each time I report a new spam to SpamCop , I add support@liaisontorride.com  to the Report User Notification field. Let's see what comes out in the next days.

  6. I went through the steps you described and found the contact support@liaisontorride.com. It is not the same email Support@festivusmedia.com that you found, which makes me think that each spam will lead to a different contact via the long registration procedure you mentioned, consuming a lot of time. So I hesitate...

    EDIT: I just added support@liaisontorride.com  to the Report spam list (in the "Re: User Notification (Notes)" field)  while reporting a new spam at SpamCop. I hope it's a good idea.

  7. 7 minutes ago, mojorisin said:

    Can you add a link to one of your previous spancop reports that contains the link to the actual website they are promoting please? I can tell you if it's the same one I had success with by unsubscribing.

    It took about 2-3 days until the spam finally stopped, and it said it could take up to 10 days for it to end when I unsubscribed. It did work though.

    I just submitted four reports with the same linked porn site:





    Thank you for your help mojorisin.


  8. On 11/25/2018 at 9:41 PM, mojorisin said:

    Hi houseincloud. 
    I had the same problem with this hookup spammer. As soon as I reported one spam message, a new one had replaced it. I'd been reporting them for a year or more with no luck, and not even one reply from any of the service providers. Like you, I thought it was a waste of time. All the mail addresses are different as you say, It seems a spambot can automatically generate any senders mail address, so trying to block them is pointless. These porn spammers also use many different email providers, mostly countries like  China, Brazil and Thailand., who don't seem to care about spam. And they use web hosting platforms like Cloudflare, which I have seen described as 'Nothing more than a bullet proof spam haven'

    These spammers spread their operation around, so if any part of it is taken down - It doesn't really make a dent in their ability to spew spam out 24/7. Check out Snowshoe Spamming

    With all these factors in mind, and not making any difference reporting this junk for a year. I tried another way to stop this spam. I clicked through to this hookup website to see if there was any kind of contact address, or anyway to unsubscribe from this garbage. This does have obvious dangers, clicking any links in spam emails is risky. There are all manner of malware and ransomware nasties out there.

    But to be on the safe side I use this URL scanner

    That URL scanner also provides a screen shot of the web page, so you can see if it's safe to click on.

    It's also worth pointing out that many people will advise you NOT to unsubscribe from anything. It will only confirm to the spammer that they have reached a valid email address, and you will end up getting even more spam. So faced with this dilemma of whether to unsubscribe. I thought what the heck, I'm being bombarded with hundreds of these messages anyway,.

    I spent two days unsubscribing from around 70 spam messages, and Hey Presto. It stopped coming altogether, and I've not had another spam message from them for over a year. All I can say is - I wished I'd done that when I first started to get this hookup junk. 😀

    It's also worth your while clicking through to these dating/porn sites and using their 'contact us' mail address to send them a message informing them you will report them for sending unsolicited nuisance mail. I've also found that taking the complaint straight to the culprit works wonders too. But only do this with the 'persistent' spammers where spamcop reporting has had no effect, and make sure the click links in any spam mail are safe to click by using the urlscan

    So I personally found the efficiency of reporting this kind of spam to be zero, but the alternatives to be a great success. I used to get hundreds of these dating/porn spam message a week. Now if I get 10 a week, that's been a bad week. 

    I know how annoying this repetitive hookup spam is. Good luck in dealing with yours. Keep us informed how you get on 😀



    As you suggested, yesterday I unsubscribed - with no effects - from one porn site linked by the spams I receive. Today I checked again that porn site on https://urlscan.io  who found no less than 2778 structurally similar pages! I won't have the courage to unsubscribe from all those sites. Main IP is located in Singapore and belongs to CNNIC-ALIBABA-CN-NET-AP Alibaba (China) Technology Co., Ltd., CN. Seems hopeless to fight against such a giant.

  9. Hi,

    this is my first post here. Receiving from 50 to 100 spams per day originating from the same spammer, all having a subject similar to "I Instafu** Request is Pending", "Eager to Hookup", "I Missed Hookup Call", "Waiting to Hookup", etc., and sender name always starting with capital A, for example "Alana", "Abia", "Ada" etc., I registered to SpamCop.net since two weeks and reported since that day all those spams I received. This spammer seems to have registered almost as many different email addresses as spams I receive, by almost as many different email providers. Hence stopping him seems a bit desperate, and I am now wondering if it's worth spending each day more or less 15 minutes for posting those reports. What do you think, should I continue or just do nothing and wait it stops for some other reason?


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