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  1. I am new to Spamcop and really like it. I hope that I am posting this question in the correct forum. I have my isp forward my work email to spamcop and then my clean mail is sent to Outlook 2003 when I get to the office. When I log onto outlook remotely (at home) I receive my mail just like from the office. However, I am not able to send email remotely using Outlook. Is there a setting within Outlook that will allow me to do this? Thank you
  2. It worked!!!! Thank you all very very much. I set it up on BWC to forward my smapcop mail to my blackberry. I really appreciate everyone's help.
  3. I think that this is the best possible solution so far. How do I do this? I went into BWC and I am not able to setup pop. Only forwarding. Thank you all for trying to help.
  4. Based upon my understanding of my blackberry, I am forwarding and not pushing. Forwarding can take up to 15 minutes and is not realtime. Therefore, the time lapse may be allowing me to remove some spam prior to sending to the BB. Does that make sense? This is why I originally tried to forward my cleaned mail from within spamcop to my blackberry. However, when I did this I was not getting any mail at all....There should be a simple way to do this
  5. ok. I have configuired spamcop to pop my work email and it is working just fine. I am then forwarding my work email to my blackberry using tmobiles BWC. What is happening is that some spam is getting through to my blackberry between the 15 minute intervals. Not alot just some. Is there a better way to forward my cleaned mail to my blackberry using Spamcop? Thanks
  6. In spamcop settings for external mail. I have my pop server set for my work account and my user name and password set from my work account. I have double checked it and it is correct. Is that right?
  7. I must have done something wrong. Error Count 56 and says it cannot contact server. Any idea what I could have done wrong? Sorry for all the questions. I really do appreciate the help
  8. Thank you for such a quick reply. I changed the setting and removed my blackberry adress from the forward area. Now I am getting spam to my blackberry again. There are NO messages in my held mail button at all. I checked this morning prior to checking my email and realizing that I had so much spam. I am uncertain why spamcop was not detecting my spam mail. I know that there must be a simple reason why this is not working. However, I just cannot seem to find the obvious. Thank you again for your help
  9. Hello I am a newbie and I need some help please. I just purchased a Spamcop account and setup in this way: I setup to POP to my work account me[at]me.com I then setup Outlook to Pop spamcop before downloading to my desktop I think that I followed the online directions correctly. I have a blackberry handheld. So I wanted to send filtered mail to my Blackberry. So I entered my blackberry adress into the forward option in the account setup for spamcop. This stopped all email from coming to my blackberry. Dont know why?? When I log on to my spamcop email account. I see no emails at all. None are in my inbox and none are waiting. Since I am away from my office, I checked my work email via POP from my yahoo account and I had 137 messages most of which were spam. So I would think that these messages would be evident on my spamcop website if indeed I have set it up correctly. What have I done wrong?
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