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    Appears Not All Email Being Forwarded

    Aha! Found the problem. Verizon has recently converted to AOL mail. The AOL address that I was using as a POP address was branding a significant percentage of mail as spam. Logged on to the AOL address and marked mail as NOT spam. Problem fixed.
  2. Judging by the lack of email being received, it appears that not all is being forwarded from SpamCop. I normally receive a dozen or so emails on Monday and have received only a couple. Any idea what could be causing this symptom? I note that emails being sent directly to my POP server and not through Spamcop are getting through.
  3. Georgia Ice Cream

    E-mail from SpamCop Rejected by ISP

    Well, my friend contacted Clint at Rose.net. Clint supposedly set SPF "off". I tried an e-mail and got bounced again. We reported this to Clint as "not an answer". Clint in turn forwarded a note to me from someone in Technical Support for Rose.net. Here is the salient point from the note: "We have a rule designated globally in Surgemail (Rose.Net mail server) that requires anyone sending from the spamcop.net domain to send via the spamcop.net email servers. This rule was put in place to stop an onslaught of spoofed spamcop.net email addresses that was causing our mail server to be listed in the spamcop.net black list. This rule can not be removed since doing so could negatively impact our ability to send out email. " O.K. so SpamCop doesn't use email servers in the SpamCop domain. Any suggestions on how to straighten this mess out?
  4. All email that I send to the ISP "rose.net" gets rejected when I use a SpamCop reply-to e-mail address. Text of "reject message" follows: ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <xxxxxxx[at]rose.net> (reason: 550 Invalid ip (ms-smtp-03-smtplb.tampabay.rr.com for address (rjrobison[at]spamcop.net) wanted (*spamcop.net)) I munged out the address of the intended recipient. It looks to me like the ISP tries to match the IP address of the SMTP server used to send the e-mail to the reply-to IP address of the sender. Interestingly, if I try to send an e-mail from SpamCop webmail, I get a similar failure. My friend on the other end has talked with the ISP people. They really don't know what's going on. They are willing to try to resolve the issue if I can provide some more info. FWIW, I can receive e-mails from this ISP with no problem. Can anyone shed more light on what may be going on here?