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  1. This information is more for those out there, like me, who are victims of Spamcop, rather than its vocal boosters on this board. Since reporting this issue both here and to my hosting service, I've done additional research. Apart from feeling quite frustrated, I realize that there is not much I can do except (1) create my own workarounds and (2) warn people about Spamcop and blocklisting and how it is used. I'm also monitoring my listing, and we shall see if I am on again/off again as often as last week. The chief issue, I think, is that as Spamcop's own site states, the blocklisting information is meant to be used as a tool to make a determination on spam not as an outright blacklist/IP block. If, however, this warning is ignored and the IP lists are used to block mail outright, it becomes like a chainsaw being used as a hedgetrimmer, i.e. complete overkill. What exacerbated the situation for me, and I know for others, because I have heard from them, is the "take no prisoners" rhetoric often used within these forums. Telling folks there neighborhoods are "spammy" and they should move is as obnoxious as it would be in the real world if someone asked for help regarding inner city crime. It's not as simple as the simplistic notion that we should all live in the virtual suburbs. (As a related, and illustrative, side note, I found another thread justifying your service as comparable to a cabdriver refusing to go to a bad neighborhood as one of life's unfortunate inconveniences, where one should pay extra money or find another workaround. As someone who lives in a mixed income, diverse neighborhood and a medium-sized city, I found that example wonderful. It's exactly what is wrong with Spamcop. Most cities recognize the racial overtones often part of the "bad neighborhood" label and do not condone licensed drivers "profiling" based only on skin color or location. Blocklisting IP addresses is as elegant a solution to spam as avoiding minorities is to managing inner-city crime. To us who have been "profiled," it is NOT the cost of doing business in an unfair world, It's wrong-minded vigilanteism disguised as law and order.) For what it's worth, I realize that this reply may just fan flames. I'm OK with that, though, since I think it's a service for anyone doing a Google search to see the irrational rhetoric themselves. I grant you that Jeff G. and Steve Underwood both were respectful and helpful in their responses, and for that I say, "Thank You." I almost wish that Jeff G. hadn't edited or requested edits for some of the other posts. Seeing the vitriol of calling me "stupid," for example (and, yes, it was clear that was the original statement regardless of subsequent retraction/backpedaling), provides others insight into Spamcop's "service." Also, for what it's worth, I had dinner with someone tonight who is a computer professional who works for a company solely offering solutions for managing spam in email. His initial response to my merely mentioning Spamcop without yet telling my story was "terrible." Within the industry the blocklists are NOT respected as effective in and of themselves. I'll stop, but I do hope that perhaps a few people who are part of this community will see that the negative risks inherent in blocklists should prompt a dialogue on this board that includes respect for us who are outside of that group. Cheers, D.
  2. OK, cool and thanks. And, yup the name is all of those things. As you can probably tell, since you quoted from it, my site is a vanity/marketing site for writing and comedy. Not the end of the world or commerce as we know it if I get shut down, but as a performer/writer, very much part of my identity. Of course, the only other crisis (to me alone) is my ability to be confident about email if I'm wandering across these United States. The blowback email has been forwarded to the abuse department of ipowerweb.com, and I guess all is well with the world (for now). By the way, forgive my ignorance and over simplification, but one question: It's a good thing, right, that I receive any email with incorrect addressing, but still my domain, right? The bouncing is the bad thing, right? D
  3. Thank you, Jeff G. It was stuff like that post that was making me even more uncomfortable with this whole thing. And, Thanks Miss Betsy for understanding the angst of being hit with this problem while I'm trying to move. I wasn't going to post any more, especially since at the moment my IP is unblocked. But, now I've gotten this email (sorry if it's impolite to post the whole thing and take up space), and I'm at a loss as to what is expected of me. I am sending it to my hosting company as well. ***** From abuse[at]despam.us Sat Feb 26 18:26:50 2005 Return-Path: <abuse[at]despam.us> Delivered-To: dee-robc-bogus59861[at]dee-rob.com Received: (qmail 26792 invoked from network); 26 Feb 2005 23:29:40 -0000 Received: from unknown (HELO smtp110.mail.sc5.yahoo.com) ( by host123.ipowerweb.com with SMTP; 26 Feb 2005 23:29:40 -0000 Received: from unknown (HELO testarmada) (jeffgent1[at] with login) by smtp110.mail.sc5.yahoo.com with SMTP; 26 Feb 2005 23:25:50 -0000 Message-ID: <001001c51c5a$818664b0$af10a8c0[at]testarmada> From: "Abuse Desk" <abuse[at]despam.us> To: <bogus59861[at]dee-rob.com> Cc: "Abuse Desk" <abuse[at]despam.us> Subject: Test bogus59861[at]dee-rob.com Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 18:25:26 -0500 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Priority: 3 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1478 Disposition-Notification-To: "Abuse Desk" <abuse[at]despam.us> X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1478 Test of bogus59861[at]dee-rob.com due to alleged problems concerning forgery blow-back - please see http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html for details.
  4. Sadly, I think this is just another example of miscommunication on the web. Yes, I acknowledge some of the answers were helpful (and I mentioned that above). However, I also got called stupid, my journalist integrety was pointlessly maligned and several of the answers read quite disdainfully. And, guess what? Just as my alledged unwillingness to listen will get me no sympathy, all of the posters talking to me like I'm scummy or a dolt, engender no converts to your cause. I will very likely "clean my neighborhood," or at least try. So far I have three calls, one Internet chat and two emails into my hosting service in a five-day period. I'm doing everything you would suggest on that end. Also, I will probably switch companies, if I can afford it, but not this week, because I'll be in a car. The time and money I will have to invest is a problem and some of the solutions here are on par with telling someone next to a crack house, "Duh, you should move," or worse "You're an idiot for living in a bad neighborhood." Moving is easier said than done and not always black and white. Thank you, dra007, though, for at least respectfully disagreeing. I'm not, however, going to take your bait on arguing the level of either one of our rights and the extremities necessary to battle spam. I simply don't agree, and I am not alone or foolish.
  5. Wow, you people are amazing, and so completely sure of yourselves. How wonderful that must be for you. I'll stop posting here, but since I've been called stupid and otherwise derided, a couple of clarifications. (1) I am essentially a victim here, so there is no need to speak to me as though I am a spammer, guilty until proven innocent. The way I see it, I had the misfortune to move into a bad neighborhood, and now that the police have surrounded the place, my choices become more limited. Had I a crystal ball, I suppose I would have been able to better choice my hosting company. (2) No, I am not a system administrator paid to know everything about mail serving, etc. But, I'm not an idiot either. Forgive my ineloquence in describing some of what is occurring. Basically, I know I have options with other mail servers and hosting services. I need my website and my mail to provide a unified identity, so I would want to move everything to new hosting. Sadly for me, all of my email troubles are happening when I just don't have time to handle them because of my impending move. (3) I'm mostly worried about the many people on my list who are not at all tech savvy. If anything about my email appears sort of mismatched, there's a lot of ways in which they will get confused. I just want to minimize confusion while I am in my car and unable to help sort things out (or stay in touch easily). (4) I've been saying "across IP addresses" not because I have no idea what or how IP addresses work, but because hosting companies SHARE addresses. So, yeah, some dink somewhere within is your enemy. I, however, am not. Both of us are blocked (as well as many other innocents, no doubt). (5) It should not be news to some of you that not everyone on the web agrees with blacklisting. In your vigilance to stop spam, you have stopped me an innocent party. That is the inherent weakness in any kind of blacklist, the collateral damage. Don't act like you are better than me or I should blindly accept my fate, just because it's a big, bad world and you don't like my hosting company. I don't deserve that level of disrespect.
  6. Yes, and true enough. I guess my problem is unique, though. The moment that I am selling almost everything and will be living out of my car until I get to San Jose happens to be the same moment my little corner of the Internet is being Spamcopped. Until I arrive at my boyfriend's place in California, I have no place in the physical universe to set up a server. And, the delay in registering with a new hosting company and getting my new DNS stuff set up, not to mention porting everything over is just bad all around. Like I said, the policy of blacklisting across an IP is killing me, an individual with my own personal set of issues related to relocating. I guess I will just tell everyone who knows me to use my gmail account as a backup, and/or set up a Yahoo account to use their server, since I cannot rely on my own domain. It just sucks for me, I guess. Of course, that is among the reasons, including my degree in Journalism, that I will never endorse Spamcop's blacklisting policies. I understand the logic, but don't agree with the principles. Thanks all for your help. (Well, those of you who offered suggestions without criticizing whole cloth, as it were.)
  7. Honestly, I've used them for a couple of years, because they were affordable to me and at the time of setting up my site, the risk analysis I did made it an OK situation. Basically, my searches at the time did not bring up any of the issues that a search would bring up today. Ironically, if you were to search Google, for example, for iPowerWeb and Spamcop together for the time period when I first set up my site, the complaints were against their USING Spamcop, because it was too virulent and iPowerWeb was filtering perfectly good mail. I haven't migrated to other hosting, because it's been easier not to, even as the variables have changed. Never in that time have I had any problems either, until now, so talking to me like I'm a moron who can't make a good decision helps neither one of us. I can see why your name, Wazoo, shows up in many of the flame fests. I philosophically disagree with blacklisting. I coincidentally use a hosting service a lot of you hate because of spamming. Does that provide the license to talk sanctimoniously and rudely to me? How do you propose I whilst driving cross country? (I'm assuming that's "spend the bucks and run my own server," but I can't guess at the meaning of "fet.")
  8. I was afraid of those answers. I don't really like the solution of not being able to use my own site for the SMTP, mostly just because of branding and identity. It seems pretty ***** to me, an innocent person who has bad neighbors, has to rely on free email accounts and servers. Put me on the list with the various flamers on this board who have blown up over the blocking/blacklisting of entire IP addresses and ranges. Since my weblog comments get spammed on a regular basis, I understand the philosophy behind blacklisting. However, when it means that innocent people can't get through, it seems like the baby is getting thrown out with the bathwater. It's not an Internet philosophy I embrace. D
  9. I'm an iPowerweb customer. My IP address with them is (host123.ipowerweb.com). For the second time this week I've had emails bounce back because of Spamcop blacklisting. I"ve read the FAQ, etc. and understand that within my shared server space someone must be doing something less than nice. I've contacted iPowerweb, and there are help tickets from me and my domain (dee-rob.com) asking what they are doing to help resolve the issue. However, here's my question: My email is about to become even more crucial to me, because in a little over a week I am moving across the country. While I'm on the road, my own domain email would be the easiest way for me to be sure I can stay in touch. Is there anything I can do as a quick, stopgap to get around or prevent or otherwise help myself from not getting blacklisted? If the problem persists, I may have to at minimum switch servers and at maximum switch hosting companies, but I probably won't be able to get all that done and my website rebuilt in one week. Any advice at all on what I can do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dee-rob
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