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  1. Man! I hope there aren't any conservatives here that can be angered by such blasphemy.. /sputter--chortle/
  2. Thanks for your patience. Actually, I did begin reading the pinned items, but it appeared it would have taken me an extra 37 hours to get the information that way. I even previewed all the thread sublines, bu to no avail. My apologies for jumping in quick and violating the Geneva Convention.
  3. I have two aliases (alia?) with Comcast (one from an account set up at a previous physical address which is still accessible to me now that I've relocated). I do receive spam at both my Comcast addresses, but during mailhost configuration with SpamCop, I'm apparently only allowed me one registered account at Comcast (the second one replaces the initial one upon the attempt). How can I force two configured mailhosts through the same ISP? Any and all assistance will be appreciated. Thanks much.