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  1. I know what you're saying. I find it strange that CC just suspended my account with out notice. CC was telling me that the IP address that they send emails out would be blacklisted by spamcop if they wouldnt suspend my account and unsubscribe all of my subscribers. I'm having the worst time with this. What even worse is all of the integration ive built btween my crm and CC to make workflows easier. All down the drain because of 3 spam complaints (i think from the same person) out of 850,000 emails.
  2. I completely agree, however that wasn't the case. I have had only 3 spam hits...and i think it all came from the same person who was out to get us. Constant contact sent me 1 email saying that they need an account review. I called them and thats what they told me. Someone from my subscriber list contacted spamcop and spamcop told them that they need to close down my account otherwise they will blacklist constant contact. I have notes about this on my constant contact account.
  3. I think the issue was I had 1 specific person who was out to try to close my business down. must be a competitor. It might be possible that instead of hi unsubscribing from my email list he wanted to see what i was doing an reported my company. Now constant contact shut down my account.
  4. Thanks so much for the reply. WHat other information could I provide? I literally had 3 spam reports out of almost 1MLN emails
  5. I use constant contact to send emails to my subscribers. I recently got an email from constant contact that they had shut down my account because of a complaint that was filed using spamcop. Out of almost 1,000,000 emails, there was only a couple incidents. How do I get this lifted from constant contact? They told me that if spamcop reaches out, they may be able to lift the account suspension. Please advise.
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