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    Please Remove Me

    I personally use spamcop for reporting spam. I use other RBLs to filter our incoming mail, and my server is NOT an open relay. Much to my surprise, we got listed in Spamcop. It turns out that someone was actually authenticating to the Mail system and sending spam. OK, fine, Spamcop showed me I had a problem. Now the problem is fixed and no one is removing our IP from the database. needs to be removed, the problem is fixed. I responed to the e-mail explaining why we are listed and have not heard back so I am posting here hoping this can be done ASAP. My users are complaining because we cannot send mail to a big client.
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    Please Remove Me

    Thanks Ellen, I got your e-mail. About switching IPs.... Maybe if this was a small company where an IP switchover would not be that bad, but with the users out in the field, the backup systems in place, changing DNS records, it would be way too much to change. I am more than happy to work with the staff to get it taken care of.
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    Please Remove Me

    >>If the email reply was to "deputies at spamcop.net" or any address at admin.spamcop.net, please wait until they review your case. They are very busy.<< Yes, that is where I sent it. I understand the 48hr limit, but that really is restricting admins like myself that try to do the right thing. I am just getting frustrated because some of my users are being a PITA, and the only thing I can tell them is to wait.