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  1. Still not fixed. I wonder how many spam hosts have been missed since this has begun. /sigh Note: Apparently all that I need to remove is
  2. Thanks to all who did the foot work, this had me scratching my head for the last week or so. Hopefully what ever has been broken will be fixed soon. FWIW I'm not clear on the double quotes part of the solution but removing the Content-Type: multipart/alternative line now allows Spamcop to once again find the links. An example of what I removed:
  3. A little OT but as a side note it seems SBCGlobal is now blocking 1and1's mail server.
  4. Hi Farelf, I'm using Firefox 1.0. After playing with it for awhile I noticed that the page showed me logged in at the top though the page's content claimed otherwise. Hope they get this worked out quickly... Thank you for your response and time. ~cat~
  5. I tried to log in tonight to report some spam using the url I've used for the last 2-3 years and got a "No userid found" message. Trying the "log-in here" link and entering my information produces the same results. Any ideas? TIA, cat
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