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  1. Yep. Still getting the same error. However, by going to www.spamcop.net, I am still able to see my "held" mail and report it that way. Interesting. Didn't know that there was any "behind the scenes" discussions. Good to know that things are being worked out. Still, I hope I don't have to change my email address as I have a lot of stuff linked to my Spamcop.net email address.
  2. For some reason, it appears that the reporting server is not working right now, or maybe it's just the web gateway server. For whatever reason, I'm getting a notice of "service unavailable" in Firefox when I go to mailsc.spamcop.net. Also was prompted to confirm a security exception (new security cert, I'm presuming based on the date.) Note: It appears to be JUST "mailsc.spamcop.net" as I was able to log into www.spamcop.net with my mailsc credentials.
  3. Just curious why Google gets a pass from spam complaints? Is it just because of their size or because they /dev/null spam reports? On a related note -- why can't we complain to the Russian NIC, when they are the listed abuse contact?
  4. I have tried to log into webmail but find myself returned to the login prompt every time. I have verified that my account is in good standing, as I went to the "renew" link and it says it's good until February of next year. So, I find myself puzzled as to why I can't log into webmail, seeing as to how I have the correct password (I got into the "renew your account" page, so I obviously have the correct password!) Anyone else having this problem??? I did email "support [at] cesmail.net" but given their historic lack of responsiveness, I am not holding my breath waiting for a reply.
  5. I'm trying to report some spam that was held and I submitted for reporting, but now I'm getting the message "Reference #97.5ecf6bd1.1402336097.157147fb " whenever I try to log into mailsc.spamcop.net. Additionally, I receive the error message: Reference #97.2ecf6bd1.1402336193.286866ee when I try to log into WWW.spamcop.net. Anyone else having issues????
  6. Yeah. That's the way I have things NOW. At least I tried to set it up that way tihs mornng. Dont' know if it worked or not.
  7. I have emails on Yahoo dating back to May 30th that are still there. 329 messages that have NOT made it to SpamCop. WTF, CESMAIL... what's the problem??? I have now gone into Yahoo and told it to forward my email to SpamCop. Hopefully that will get my email here so I can filter/read it! So, last time there was an outage it was blamed on a server going bad. Now they're saying a server went bad again. WTF... how many freaking servers do you need to replace??? Maybe you ought to replace ALL of the servers on a biennial basis so you can be sure you have good hardware! It's called "preventive maintenace" folks! LEARN IT!!!
  8. Steve. Perhaps instead of just deleting / editing these messages, you could also refer the person to SpamCop98 to have them request access to the mailing list that user is running discussing said topic.
  9. I know Don told us awhile back to keep posting corrections/updates for sites that SpamCop can't find or is otherwise incorrect. However, I haven't seen any notations from any SpamCop staff in awhile that any of this is being updated. Just wondering if anyone is updating routing on any of these where we have an update???
  10. YW. Now if only CESMail would take that theory to heart and explain to us what happened the last two times! Not holding my breath waiting for it, though.
  11. This particular topic has been banned by the Mods. Please contact user SpamCop98 to see about getting on the discussion list he's hosting.
  12. FINALLY able to log into Webmail/IMAP now after being down nearly 24 hours. They had to rebuild my mailbox.
  13. Just manually cleared my cache and cookies from Internet Exploder. No dice. Still unable to log into Webmail.
  14. Tried two different machines this morning. Both timed out. FINALLY got a response back from the helpdesk asking for my SpamCop username/password. MAYBE they'll fix it before tonight. By the way, David... no offense taken or intended, but I'm an IT guy... so I know where you're coming from. Most folks on here are probably not as "computer savvy" as we are. Here's the odd thing -- apparently Yahoo is able to log in and POP my email from SpamCop, as I have emails in my Yahoo inbox from where I reported junk today. Don't know why I can't log in via Webmail unless it's an IMAP-specific problem.
  15. When trying to log into Webmail, I *was* getting a timeout. Now I'm getting "Could not retrieve namespace information from IMAP server." Whatever the hell THAT means!
  16. Wow! YOU got a response??? I've filed two tickets with them and still haven't gotten a response!
  17. I sent a ticket to support[at]cesmail.net. So far just an automated response. VERY frustrating!!!!
  18. Hell, be glad you guys can get in at all. I can't get into webmail or POP or IMAP.
  19. When I try to retrieve my email via IMAP, I get a message "invalid message received" or words to that effect and when I try to log into webmail, it just sits there spinning.
  20. "something hardware" really explains SOOO much </sarcasm> I, for one, would like to know what, if any, steps they are taking to prevent another "single point of failure" but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for someone to reply back.
  21. About bloody time! What happened this time??? Did a rat gnaw through the power cord??? SMH! This has got to be the worst run email system in the freakin' world!!!
  22. I can confirm that my email is being pulled down because I logged into my Yahoo account and all the email is now in the trash. Fortunately, it isn't auto-deleted, so I can still read it! Oh, and "support[at]cesmail.net" bounces as "no such user here" Isn't that really f-ing convenient for them???
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