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  1. Every time before I download to my computer, I first open SpamCop webmail to identify and report spam messages that SpamCop has not trapped. Though I last downloaded late yesterday, this morning I found 20 new messages (out of 47) that were over a day old. Some were weeks old. One was nearly a year old! I think that the delay is happening at SpamCop rather than my ISP that forwards to SpamCop, because some of the messages were SpamCop's own Quick Reporting Data messages. (And opening one of these, I could see that the reported messages were from the same time period.) This isn't the first time this is happened, but it is the largest collection of delayed messages I have received so far. What is happening? How can it be corrected?
  2. For the past couple of days, about half of genuine e-mail messages being sent to me have ended up in held mail. These include messages from people who have sent e-mail to me before, as well as those who have not. The confirmation message to sign onto this forum even was sent to the Held Mail folder! The system is BROKEN. What is going on?
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