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  1. Ah, thanks. So this rule is only triggered when I use the web based email. Not when I log in thru pop3 to get the email. That would be cool if the rules were triggered when the email arrived but I have no idea how all that technical wiz-bang works.
  2. Hi, I have a web page based form that always has the same subject line. I have a rule set up Any of the following if subject contains "the subject line I want" Do this Deliver into my inbox These emails are still getting put into the held mail area. I don't want to have to look thru the held mail for these. I guess I would like to stop the spam detection for the email at the point this rule is true. Other then that Spamcop is doing great keeping the crap out Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks a ton! I do not use the webmail and would have never found it.
  4. How do I renew my spamcop email account or see when it expires?
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