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  1. I wonder something. I have Yahoo.com account and you know, it is a huge server farm. Does Spamcop keep up to date with the IP addresses or I should change something? I didn't have any mailhost problem but if I see "forgery" message, what should I do? Remove entire Yahoo and add again?
  2. When replied, I saw the URL was broken so I thought URL's broken while posting, to save from more hassle , I clicked tinyurl button on my bookmarks. I am not mad to abuse forum system with a paid spamcop mail linked forum account As I use Omniweb on OS X , I don't follow Mozilla scene too much, sorry for confusing.
  3. Thanks for explanation. I was thinking about canceling my post until I figured mail actually have sent over legit yahoo account (domain keys). FYI, I am one of the mad subscribers that actually did ALL domain checks. I mean, "mailhosts" tests. I had to paste 5 or more mails but its fine. I got feedback over this from yahoo: ___ Hello, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail. In this particular case, we have taken appropriate action against the Yahoo! account in question that was reported for fraudulent activities, as per our Terms of Service (TOS). Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose the action taken on another user's account with a third party. We are not able to make exceptions to this rule. ___ So, the only question left is, what was the circumstances involved that Spamcop didn't figure its coming from legit yahoo account. Its certain that Nigerian spammer isn't too bright So, not speaking about very advanced tricks here.
  4. ok, here is non breaking URL http://tinyurl.com/6wvmk Very amazed that: 1) Yahoo somehow, at some point REJECTED spamcop 2) The so called "customer service" does not even reply 3) That freak spammer actually used a Yahoo account. It has domain keys see! I was calling spammer a moron until I figured yahoo somehow not interested their paid customers getting spammed by a paid (I assume) account. No, he is clever
  5. Hi, I got 3 spams at Yahoo in 2 days. They were actually very easy to catch, the old Nigerian story you know. What makes it important? I paid (don't ask!) to Yahoo plus months ago. So I have my very own bayesian (spamguard plus) added to that huge yahoo database which non paid customers use. Something goes on in Yahoo. Today I receieved another obvious spam and reported to spamcop. Resulted in interesting way so I sent this via feedback form. As a user of them since '95, I really know the result I will get so, flaming before I get one of those stupid templates I have 2 points. First is, Yahoo rejects spamcop (for now I hope) and I am glad I purchased spamcop mail. Anyone knows if there was a coup or something in Y! hq? ps: Copying to abuse[at]yahoo.com (that custom thing) is rejected too! ____ Hi, May I ask why this report gets REJECTED by Yahoo abuse system? Did I pay you for this? http://mailsc.spamcop.net/mcgi? action=gettrack&reportid=1397587736 If you send me a template, you will live consequences for it including awareness of my internal high level yahoo contacts.
  6. I can't express myself right I guess. I bought Spamcop mail, OK, I say "I was warned" but not providing SMTP for end users purchasing mail system does NOT sound right to me. If I liked the service my ISP, naming Kablonet from Turkey, a unjustified monopoly if you want cable in this area, I wouldn't buy spamcop mail. There is no TLS configured, they are too close to current (closet) fundementalist goverment of Turkey, its a badly configured, mishandled and potentially can be relay to all spammers in next software upgrade without reading the readme. Happened once. I guess I am clear this time About the Kornet example. I gave that example on purpose. Currently, if a user is mad about the reputation of their ISP and buys Spamcop mail with a legit credit card, he/she is still bound to that evil ISP's smtp. So he/she goes and buys overpriced, no features Yahoo / Hotmail.
  7. Hi, Sorry if my post created confusion, I am not a native english speaker. No, I don't report my ISP but in case I had mail from their relays to my yahoo plus (what a joke) account, I'd of course report them to spamcop. In this case, as a Spamcop email holder, I'd not be able to send mail as they were blocked from all RBLs. E.g. imagine, you work at Korea and buy mail from spamcop. You have only Kornet as SMTP option. Got the trick? You became victim of your own reports, can'T send mail Well, hopely spamcop will provide a smtp service later. BTW feel free to delete this post if off topic.
  8. A funny thing potentially. Why? User got potentially lamely administered ISP mail host so he purchased mail service from spamcop. Scenario: 1) Lame ISP opens its relay worldwide during software update 2) User, not aware... As a good netizen using the spamcop service reports all spam he gets 3) Lame ISP gets into all the RBL lists you can imagine 4) Next day, poor user tries to send an importmant mail. He gets no response from recipient. Sends again, no response 5) It turns out poor user did evil to himself. He uses his "big" and lamely administered ISP's SMTP and he managed to put it in RBL worldwide. Sounds fiction? Think again. I am a guy who had to tweak very advanced, undocumented settings of Eudora client since my SMTP advertised the features it doesn't have. Thank god its not open relay.. YET
  9. Hi, I tried a bit, e.g. sending the .cer file to my symbian OS Nokia phone via bluetooth (wasn't accepted/handled), anyone knows if there is a symbian package for adding Equifax certificate to phone? I use Nokia 7650 here. Nokia offers its own code signing certificates so I got a bit insight to the scheme. It must be installed like a program I suppose. I thought maybe someone here knows. Hunting web for such thing is potentially dangerous. My Nokia 7650 bugs me each time for "untrusted" certificate, I must click "continue" each time or turn off security which is never a good idea on cell networks.
  10. What can we do further about ISP's doesn't want to get bothered while we take time to report them? I don't mean phoning them and flaming etc. Anyone knows?
  11. Hi, Its not a support request. I was suggesting a mac user (I use too) Subsume Tech spamcop mail plugin for OS X. Its a very advanced Applescript in fact. I went to their site and seen this notice: http://www.subsume.com/contemplate/assembl...segment=Demoted They were making it for no money in return, easing reporting from Apple mail. Whats the deal? I mean, I really couldn't understand what is happening so came here to ask. Their plugin still works fine, downloadable and highly recommended by other users. So, I think someone should take care of this thing. No, you can't make any mac user to open message source, copy paste it to spamcop etc I know the community. It also has X-Helper or something on its mail to spamcop, so if you check the statistics somehow, you would be amazed. I don't think they are mad to spamcop, they are mad to something else. You can't imagine the help they do to community and the amount of free stuff they offer. Lets fix it
  12. Just a quick (and newbie) question: I (of course!) blocked Korea while setting up the spamcop webmail first time, it goes to Held mail yes? e.g. not purged
  13. As an Apple user, I hope you have some Safari testers. Its the default browser you know.
  14. Thanks. Sorry for all "bla bla bla" It was what I talk about. I mean I advertise lots of people to buy Spamcop mail system instead of "big portal" plus stuff and I didn't know it for sure. Thanks
  15. One of your contacts or YOU got infected by a virus/worm which is professionally coded to send spam. As messing with "admin" is not a good idea, I have to say we advertise spamcop to many newbies wanting to buy Yahoo, Hotmail plus etc. So, prepare for lots not knowing what on earth "header" is *g*
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