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    .forward timing out on send

    I believe I found the problem. Sometime over the weekend SBC started blocking port 25 on my portion of their network. Their tech support assert that the blocking has been in place for several months, but my experience contradicts this. To overcome the blocking, I needed to configure Postfix to relay mail through the SBC mail server, which also requires authentication. Under MacOS X a program called Postfix Enabler makes this pretty easy, if you know the syntax for entry of the mail server name. It turns out that the name of the server must be surrounded with brackets [] in order for it to work, not only in the specification for the server name, but also where the authentication information is entered. So, for example, it would look something like this: [sbcglobal.net.yahoo.com] this is the server name [sbcglobal.net.yahoo.com] myusername[at]sbcglobal.net:mypassword this is the string to enter for the authentication configuration. FWIW, Scot
  2. sjmarbu

    .forward timing out on send

    I was afraid that would be the answer. Here are some more details: I use dyndns.org to redirect traffic to my computer, which is assigned a dynamic IP number by SBC. From what I can gather, I shouldn't have to register an MX record for either domain that is hosted on that box, but... If I send mail to myself at scot at marburger.com (a domain I don't host on that machine) it is forwarded by marburger.com to my computer and postfix successfully forwards it to spamcop.net. If, however, I send mail to myself at either scotmarburger.com or gunsmoke.com, both of which have traffic forwarded by dyndns.org to my computer, postfix fails to forward, and the postfix log shows the timeout error mentioned above. Does that ring any bells? TIA, Scot
  3. I'm using a .forward file in my home directory on a MacOS X system to forward all of my mail to spamcop for filtering. Starting sometime late on Sunday, 4/3/2005, that forwarding operation stopped working. When I checked the postfix log (I'm using a postfix mail server) I see lots of entries like: 00E0A22B436: to=<sjmarbu[at]spamcop.net>, orig_to=<junkbmw[at]gunsmoke.com>, relay=none, delay=67487, status=deferred (connect to mx2.spamcop.net[]: Operation timed out) I've checked my firewall config to make sure the usual mail ports are open (SMTP, POP). I'm a relative newbie at configuring mail servers, and wonder if it's something on my end that's out of whack? There haven't been any changes to postfix in months, but could it be something else? Or has there been a change at spamcop that could result in the timeouts? TIA, Scot