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  1. It seems to me that spamming is the same thing as harassment. Isn't harassment by any other means illegal in the US? Why isn't it illegal for email? What I found in looking at message sources is that all of these IP addresses are long disabled by the time I get them. I use nslookup to find who owns the IP address. Then I ping the address, and every time get no response. Of course, they can simply prevent their servers from being pinged, which I suppose is the case. I was thinking that they simply assign single-use IP addresses to each email, since all of the IP addresses are unique to one and only one email. I collected over 500 emails, message headers and nonsense responses from ec2-abuse@amazon.com. and hoped to get the attention of a real, live person FBI or FCC. I contacted my US Representative and asked if they would help me contact them. No response after several days. And then, a nonsense generic response. I wonder if there is any law firm that would be willing to do a class action suit against amazon aws harassment? I just don't know where to start.
  2. I am getting this message very often. I check the number of bytes in my word processor. I never send anything more than 40K bytes. Why does SpamCop complain very often about these message sources? How do you count the number of characters anyway? I suspect that if I sent one of 100 characters, you would also complain that it was too long, although you would have numerous other complaints. Also, there seems to be no problem when I submit the report. Almost every time I login, there is a message for me that says I am submitting a report that is too large. Is it possible for your code writers to catch the real problem and report it as soon as I submit the wrongly formatted report? Sometimes, I wonder if SpamCop is still actually operational at all. The coders don't really seem to have it all together.
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