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  1. yes,you can block all mail from china.but how about many businessman ? what can they do ?if they can not receive their business parter,they will lose many chance!our customers from west always complain that!sometimes they will have 2 mail box ,one is in china website ,one is in their own country!then they use their own mailbox ti get mail from chinese mailbox though pop.what a pity,doesn't it?
  2. 3ks I will fix my dns promble as soon as i can.
  3. 3ks sir! i will do better to maintain my mail system! i know many spam is from our country,but now if you came to china,you will see our effort to ant-spam!Now,everyone who sends spam in china will be punished by law.Many west country is developed,and china is developing,so is our mail system.We are improving ,pls give us some times,we will be better and better!
  4. i think you anti-china ,but not anti-spam~ you should not be here, chinese want to contact with the whole world!but you wont,then you just live in your own small world,any one like you will lost:)
  5. 3ks for your help sir! most ip from china has no reverse dns.it is ok in china.we have a little internet ip,maybe ips belong to china is less than a big univetsity's in us.what a pity!! and now ,some block list always do Country-Level Block,such as http://www.stop-spam.info/lookup.php?ip= Any ip from china will be blocked.It is not pair!!!!!!!!!!! more and more we do to anti-spam in china,more and more blocking !!why???
  6. this information "The IP is Blacklisted by bl.spamcop.net.:Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?" always appears in my mail log these days!!!!! yestoday,I check my IPs in sapmcop,it is ok,no one list in blocklist,but today a lot of my ips list in blocklist! Is there any one who can help me?I am running a mail system for my company,and now " " are all list in scbl,how can i make them released??
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