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  1. I'm already using all of the blacklists....
  2. Carl-L


    I've been looking thru the FAQ's and Help topics, have examined the profile section, but haven't found an answer. How do I change my username from my email address (which I'd like to keep a little more private) to something else?
  3. They're using hijacked IP addresses, so I can't blacklist them effectively. Once I run them thru SpamCop I've found that China Tien Tong (I believe... I'm working from memory here) is usually buried in there somewhere, and they are sent feedback... although I wonder if they're doing anything about it. They have a US IP suffix (.com)... although they're a China based ISP. I have blacklisted all overseas suffixed sites, BTW, but that's of no help here. It just occurs to me that seeing as how the formats are all the same there should be a way to block them based upon a specific phrase.
  4. For weeks now I've been receiving one particular piece of spam advertising "Save up to 80% on ED drugs" at the top, and "Any item priced less than $2.18 a pop" at the bottom, with the usual camoflage-spelled Cialis, Viagra, Levitra in the middle. Always the same format... a tri-colored box (colors differ). Curiously, only once or twice have they had a validly formatted contact website! I must have reported 3 or 4 dozen of these. Once they reportedly came from India, sometimes I see a chinanet address in there somewhere. Any way to stop these? They're getting past the SpamCop filters and X-spam (which is, I believe, a Bellsouth filter).
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