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  1. It is now 3 hours past that and the ISP is still emitting spam like crazy and SpamCop still refuses reports. Which is ridiculous really and I am not further wasting my valuable time in reporting to SpamCop at all. Let someone else be a moron, apparently parties emitting spam are preferred to the parties reporting spam.
  2. What time frame is that, just so I can save me the effort in reporting during such grace period?
  3. SpamCop v 5.0.0 Trying to report spam results in However, and apparently the ISP has not ceased spam egress and spam keeps just arriving from that particular ISP but cannot be reported to SpamCop. Just because the ISP has indicated that is will it cease spam egress submission to SpamCop is prohibited? That does not make much sense and defeats the purpose of SpamCop very easy.
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