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  1. Hi! I suggest to encrypt the login & the registration pages of the web site in SSL, or better: the entire site. Personally, I don't feel secure to create a new mail account in an insecure page. See here for example: http://www.spamcop.net/ces/account_multi.shtml It appears this page forward the name & password informations to an insecure CGI address also (something as http://www.spamcop.net/ces/mcgi). I don't know if securing the whole web site would cost a lot in terms of server resources, but the login and registration pages and the CGIs shoulb be in HTTPS at least. Thank you
  2. Well, the FAQ tells "You should manually send a retraction and apology to those to whom you reported the spam". I think it would be more "user friendly" and more efficient to add an option in the report history in order to cancel a report, considering that is a major function. I remarked also strange things in the reports. Although the FAQ of SpamCop tells we can check or uncheck IP or web adress at the bottom of the report before submitting it, I never saw any check feature. In general, although I believe SpamCop is very usefull, it lacks options to manage the reports: delete them in a list, check or uncheck spam senders (IP, web, mail adress), cancel report (of course), and probably many other things. For now, the system is very automatic, but not offer much possibilities of action. I don't even find clearly an easy way to contact the team of SpamCop. (Only in the forum ?). In that matter, I think it is too much complex and slow to cancel a report. I guess it is probably an origin of many errors, and many erroneous additions to the database.
  3. Hello ! If didn't find any way to cancel a bad report. In case of mistake, is there a procedure to cancel a report ? I didn't see that possibility in the list of Past Reports. I think that is necessary ! Personaly I receive 10 spams a day, and as I'm only a normal human being it is obvious I can't avoid mistakes sometimes. Don't you ? If somebody has advise, any would be welcome. Thanks
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