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  1. Thank you, thank you! I had looked at it toooo many times last night and today, and missed that "one" little setting. And I thought I was reading the directions SO well! Bev M
  2. I've read as many of the posts and the FAQ regarding setting up my new Email account in Eurora as I can find, and I still can't get it to work. I've set up a number of Email addresses for POP3 with no trouble before. I'm using Eudora Paid 6.2. I set my incoming server as pop.spamcop.net (and also tried some of the other variations I read on the forums, such as mailhost.spamcop.net.) Authentication style is set "Passwords, if available, starttls (though I tried the other settings there as well.) Generic properties I have Email address set as myusername[at]cqmail.net. User name=myusername. SMTP server is Yahoo, set up the same as one of my other Email addresses. I'm sure it's "operator trouble" but I've messed with every setting I can think of, and still can't download my cqmail address into Eudora, though all my others are working just fine. TIA for any help! Bev M
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