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  1. I haven't been keeping up with anti-spam projects lately and just noticed Okopipi is now dead. Has anything replaced these projects or is anything similar being developed? MODERATORS: Please move to appropriate forum.
  2. I've been receiving a lot of spam from the above domains. I've been reporting them for a long time, but they haven't taken any actions to to fix the problem on their end. Is it even worth it to continue reporting them? Are they listed on the SCBL?
  3. It appears that Time Warner Road Runner has initiated blocking of outgoing messages too. I've been having the same issue, where none of my reports show up, unless I copy-and-paste them. This has detered me from reporting, since I receive too much spam to report manually. I've contacted Road Runner tech support, and they said they don't block outgoing messages. I've already tried everything in the FAQ. When I send a test message to spamcop, it shows up. But any spam messages I forward, never show up. So I'm not sure what is going on, but my forwarded spam is being blocked somewhere. I'm about to give up reporting entirely, unless I can get this resolved. Road Runner tech support and the FAQ did not resolve my problem.
  4. Well my reported spam is still not showing up to submit it. Where is it all going? I made sure that I am forwarding the spam to the correct email address. If I paste the spam manually, it works. I emailed spamcop but have yet to receive a reply.
  5. Ok, I'll look into a solution. Earlier today, everything was working for me. So I'm not sure what is going on. I'm sending the spam to my personal spamcop submission address. But it never shows up, and I never receive a response from Spamcop.
  6. Reports are not showing up for me. I submit email to spamcop, but it doesnt show up so I can submit.
  7. I would like to go about an investigation to locate a particular spammer source. I keep getting emails into my Master Road Runner account, with a particular subject line (Sexually Explicit....), so I know it is the same spammer. Yes I know I can create subaccounts and abandon the Master account. But the spam continues to build up in the master account until my email space is FULL! The spam just does not stop, and I'm about to switch ISP's so I don't have to deal with anymore. Legally, the spammer is using Sexually Explicit, but it is still spam. I've been reporting to SpamCop, Knujon, and my ISP Road Runner. Road Runner blocks the IP's, but the spammer just finds more machines/IP's to continue spamming. How can I locate the source of this spammer? I have to say, that I'm tired of reporting to SpamCop. It is getting me nowhere, waste of time reporting each spam individually, and seems to have no effect. If I had Spamcop Quick Reporting, where I could just send the email, then it would be better. But right now, I have to send it to Spamcop, then log into Spamcop website and go through each damn spam email. This takes too much damn time.
  8. I just started receiving some spam from 013barak.net.il domain. After examining the headers, I noticed the TO: address is missing. This is the first time I've seen that. How do they remove it and still send spam to me? I would think my ISP server would not allow it or not know who to send the message to.
  9. oops. sorry, I will stop. I guess I need to re-read the rules. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. I have started receiving "picture spam" too, and have been reporting it for the past few weeks. I am receiving .png files attached to the message. The image either includes a link to a website, or is one of those stock spams with no link. I usually go to the spamcop reporting page, paste in the headers, and then manually type in the associated URL to the spamvertized website. Spamcop always reports theglobe.net as the associated domain. They apparently let spam go rampant, as all the websites I've reported are still online today.
  11. I am considering signing up for a filtered spamcop account. I only get 1-2 spam messages a day, but even one is annoying. I'm tired of forwarding it to spamcop, then having to log in to the webpage to actually report it. My ISP is Road Runner, and I think they only use SpamHaus feed. So I'm hoping that this other spam I get will be blocked automatically by Spamcop, if I sign up for a filtered account. I do not want to even see the heldmail folder nor it's contents. I would like to know if blocked mail is put in heldmail folder or automatically blocked and deleted? If there are whitelists, why can't the heldmail folder be automated to automatically report all other heldmail not on whitelists?
  12. I think I may just sign up for SpamCop filtered account. I found out Road Runner does have a forwarding option. It is located in their webmail page. thanks....
  13. So is there any organization that does want reports of this type? There used to be Blue Frog/Blue Security, but they shut down. I already report everything to FTC, KnujOn, my ISP, and SpamCop. Yet none of these so-called "anti-spam" groups don't have an effect. The same websites are up and running month after month. There has to be a faster way to shut down these websites.
  14. I keep reporting spam that all have removal links at "www.qwretyu.com". How long does it take until sites are blacklisted or someone takes down the spammer's website? This website has been in operation for almost two months according to WHOIS. I'm currently reporting with munged address. How many reports does it take to blacklist a spammer?
  15. I routinely get spam with spamvertised websites that belong to "Andy Dkolav". The WHOIS lists the same contact information for all websites. The registrar is always xsitehost.com. I want to pursue him and shut him down for good. The reporting address is always DEVNULL. What can I do besides reporting to spamcop? Here is WHOIS from one of his spamvertised websites... Registrant: Drefop Berks st.45-34 Riga, no 68766 LV Domain name: NMMBWQO.COM Administrative Contact: Dkolav, Andy domain[at]kolpoka.com Berks st.45-34 Riga, no 68766 LV +78124319531 Technical Contact: Kopolot, Gref admin[at]xsitehost.com 3422 Old Capitol Trail Suite 700 Country of New Castle City of Wilmington, Delawere 19808 US +7095-123-6357 Fax: +7095-102-7897 Registration Service Provider: G Net Inc, admin[at]xsitehost.com +7095113-7398 +7095113-7398 (fax) http://www.xsitehost.com Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC. Record last updated on 29-Jul-2006. Record expires on 29-Jul-2007. Record created on 29-Jul-2006. Domain servers in listed order: NS1.MOFAXQ.COM NS.MOFAXQ.COM
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