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  1. I received today the following message, which appears to be authentic, but there's nothing about it in this forum (that I can see) nor on the Spamcop web site. Is this for real? It's not surprising if it is. First of all, thank you for using SpamCop Email! We want to announce some important changes that will affect how you use your SpamCop Email account. For over 12 years, Corporate Email Services has been partnering with SpamCop to provide webmail service with spam filtering via the SpamCop Email System for our users. Back then, spam filtering was rare. We heard story after story about how our service rescued people from unfiltered email. Nowadays, webmail service with spam filtering has become the norm in the general public. As such, the need for the webmail service with SpamCop filtered email has decreased. Due to these reasons, we have decided to retire the SpamCop Email System and its webmail service; while SpamCop will continue to focus on providing the World's best spam reporting platform and blacklist for the community. As of September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) 6pm ET, the current SpamCop Email service will be converted to email forwarding-only with spam filtered by SpamCop for all existing SpamCop Email users. Namely, all email received at a spamcop.net, cesmail.net, or cqmail.net address will be forwarded to your specified email address after spam filtering by SpamCop. You will be able to continue to use your email addresses like before, but you will need to read the email on your designated email account, instead of the SpamCop Email System webmail interface (https://webmail.spamcop.net). If you are already forwarding your email elsewhere, it will continue to work just like before. If your email program is set to download your email from the SpamCop system, after you start forwarding your email elsewhere, you will need to update your email program to download from there. SpamCop will no longer provide IMAP or POP service. Please be informed that you will continue to be able to submit spam to SpamCop via the "Report spam" feature on spamcop.net, or forward your spam using your dedicated spam submission address shown on your SpamCop reporting account. Indeed, you are highly encouraged to do so as your spam report will not only help improve spam filtering for your email; it also helps SpamCop to fight spam for the World! In the meantime, it is important for you to set up a forwarding address on your SpamCop Email account by September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) 6pm ET. Otherwise, any email sent to your spamcop.net, cesmail.net, or cqmail.net address will be dropped and not be delivered. To register a forwarding address, please login via https://webmail.spamcop.net; click "Options" > "SpamCop Tools". If you have any further questions or concerns, please send them to questions[at]spamcop.net
  2. "competitor"? Really? In any event, it seems that this forum is the only resource CES is providing at this point.
  3. Gmail is really quite good, perhaps a bit overeager to classify messages as spam that aren't, but it's easy to deal with that.
  4. Several days later - no reply, and the certificate is still expired. I think this is a sign that I should move off of CESmail entirely.
  5. I used the contact form to report the problem. I'm disappointed that this sort of issue keeps coming up - it tells me that CES is on autopilot.
  6. The SSL certificate for https://mail.spamcop.net expired May 30. If you renew services with a PayPal payment, you are redirected to such a page.
  7. Odd - I saw it at work, but not at home. Maybe it was cached.
  8. In my browser (Firefox), I saw only a brief flash of the "broken image" logo and then just the blue background. But I see a logo image is back (a bit different from what was there before, I think, but it will do.)
  9. A silly thing, perhaps, but on the Spamcop reporting subsite, the Spamcop logo image, /images/05logo.png, is not found on the server, resulting in the logo not being shown.
  10. It appears that this is again (still?) a problem today: The reason for the problem: 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-"SC-001 (BAY0-MC4-F20) Unfortunately, messages from weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list. You can also refer your provider to http://mail.live.com/mail/troubleshooting.aspx#errors."
  11. I wish this email had been worded better, or sent only to those without CESmail service. I had interpreted it as $15 credit towards future CESmail service but I knew of no way to see any kind of "balance" on my account. I also noticed, for the first time, the "You have 15.7M bytes available." and I had no idea what that was about. (Hint - this should not be displayed for CESmail members.) I worried that it might be some sort of limit on the amount of mail in my mailbox. Thanks for the explanation.
  12. It will probably be 12-24 hours before mail sent today shows up.
  13. Email actually received will be there when the service comes back. Email in flight will usually get retried - assuming that the sender gets an error due to the outage. You will probably not lose anything, but it may be some hours before things get caught up. My advice is to redirect your mail now if you can, and worry about mail sent earlier once the system is up.
  14. Unfortunately, DNS issues can sometimes take days to resolve - even if they fix the problem at the DNS host, the information has to propagate. However, my guess is that the problem is for some specific hostname that the email service uses to access its database, so it might be resolved more quickly. (Then again, if that was indeed the problem, they could get the service back online quickly by using the IP address.) As for what to do - I will tell you what I am doing, which is switching to Gmail. I don't particularly like this as a solution, because I dislike Google having access to so much of mine, but it works. Google offers "Google Apps" (including Gmail) for your domain for free, up to 10 users. I've been a Spamcop paying customer for many, many years, but I see how the service has slid since the Ironport acquisition.
  15. I am suggesting this as a temporary workaround. I too like Spamcop's system, though I have to admit that Spamcop's owners no longer seem to pay as much attention to the email system as before.
  16. I suggest you read the mail through your domain host's email system, or forward somewhere else such as Gmail - that's what I'm doing.
  17. I wonder if it's a case of a system clock being wrong. Look at this: Received: from unknown ( by filter7.cesmail.net with QMQP; 3 Jul 2011 20:13:06 -0000 Received: from nm4.bullet.mail.in.yahoo.com ( by mxin2.cesmail.net with SMTP; 1 Jul 2011 09:56:01 -0000 Received: from [] by nm4.bullet.mail.in.yahoo.com with NNFMP; 03 Jul 2011 20:15:24 -0000 I have been seeing quite a few "too old" messages lately, and I think that rather than a slow handoff, mxin2.cesmail.net has a system date/time some two and a half days off. mx71, on the other hand, looks ok.
  18. The Spamcop webmail SSL certificate expired this afternoon.
  19. Mine creeped down to 4 hours, where it has been for at least a year. It doesn't really matter other than a nudge to report quicker as early reports are more effective.
  20. petzl, see Wazoo's reply. The spammer's system wrote the bad header but Spamcop's parser should be ignoring it because it is not a mailhost trusted server. My email "provider" is Spamcop.
  21. Thanks, Wazoo. What is your advice for how I should handle future emails from this spammer? Delete that bad line? Or is that a "no-no"? Is someone looking into fixing the (apparently known) issue with the mailhost-configured parsing?
  22. I've started receiving a series of spams with the subject line of "About Authors Daily". When I try to report these, I get "This email contains no date", even though it certainly seems to. I've compared the headers to other emails and don't spot anything obvious. What is Spamcop (or I) missing? http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4004558228z0...adc6343b95a78ez Hmm - searching the forum (should have done that first) reveals that the following bit of the header: Received: (qmail 10103 invoked by uid 0); 10 May 2010 22:24:36 -0000 Received: from by www-us016.v300.gmx.net with HTTP should have a timestamp at the end of the second Received line. That header was added by the spammer's system and should have been ignored since it wasn't a trusted server. Right?
  23. The SMTP server is working for me again (no certificate errors!), though is slow, as it has been for the past month or so. It wasn't slow in the past (seems to take a long time after connecting to finish the send.) As for my "human" comment - as I noted earlier, I received an automated response from my email to the Spamcop support address with a ticket ID. I had assumed that someone would eventually look at that and write back to me with a resolution or investigation note or something. A week later and there has been nothing. It gave me the impression that the support ticket system has been abandoned. Reporting issues in this forum doesn't really seem to be useful either, since it appears that the support staff don't follow it. Should I assume that the SMTP service is unsupported and just take my lumps if it goes south? I do have alternatives I can use, but I'd prefer to use Spamcop's service if I can.
  24. It's not just you, Ellen. I am now seeing this too. Arrgh... I have still not had any reply from a human to my report of the problem
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