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  1. What, if anything can I do to stop repeated spams originating from databank.com? Almost every span I receiveĀ (and report via spamcop) involves databank.com. Spamcop reports the email to abuse@databank.com and Level 3 Spamcop handling. This appears to have no effect. Any suggestions of what additional steps I could take would be appreciated. I've attached a screen shot of the typical addresses spamcop uses.

    Spamcop Screenshot.jpg

  2. This is the URL link included in quite a few prescription spams I've been receiving. <http://okpH<gYv0.&> .bragc6hu0nhnz2iivcc9vxu5hccu%2Edecenylin.com> I've tried all the tricks I can think of, including Sam Spade and have not been able to turn this into a legit URL. Anyone have suggestions? Usually, I can use just the last section of a garbled URL such as, in this case, "Edeceylin.com". This doesn't work here.

  3. JeffL and other Forum members:

    Comcast.net is most certainly a SPAMsource. This morning I received another batch of spam that originated at comcast.net. I attempted to call the number given by JeffL only to discover that that number is strictly for domain registration. They refer you to the numbers I show below for all other matters.

    I did my own WHOIS search and found the following numbers: (865) 317-7272 and (856) 317-7200. Don't bother to call these numbers though. It it strictly an automated response system and when you reach the spam/AUP violation section they ask you to send an email! They also provide a toll-free number (888)793-0800 BUT when you call that number they ask to to provide your comcast service telephone number. Since I'm not in a comcast service area I couldn't even leave a message.

    Blackhole/blacklist seems to ber the only option for these creeps!

  4. JeffG:

    Thanks for the telephone number. So far no matter who I send an email to I receive nothing but silence or an automated response. Today I received four more SPAMs that originated at comcast.net

    If any organization was deserving of being blackholed, comcast.net is it! They obviously don't give a tinker's damn about stopping spam.

  5. Miss Betsy and JeffG:

    Thank for acknowledging my problem and providing some additional information. But, as Jeff says, actions speak louder than words.

    I've tried contacting Comcast via their Web links and also I receive are maddening automatic responses. I've used both their "other" and "email abuse" links and only receive the robot return emails. I've looked for a telephone number so I can call them but so far I haven't found one. Seems they don't want to be called. I what I find troubling are the words in the article Miss Betsy alerted me to. Comcast claims that they close "some" accounts of transgressors. That doesn't sound very anti-spam active!

    If I have any developments I'll post them here - postive or negative.

  6. According to my SPAMCOP reports about half of my spam emails originate from comcast.net. I have emailed them directly (asking why I'm receiving SPAMs from them rather than just rereporting the spam) as well as reporting the SPAMs via SPAMCOP. I've never received a reply and I just received two more SPAMs from them this morning.

    Blackholeing or other suggestions appreciated.

  7. JeffG:

    Two short questions:

    1.Where can I find the tracking link in Spamcop that you used to perform the WHOIS on the URL?

    2. Why isn't Spamcop picking up the Web Site(s) when I use it for reporting spam? I know Eudroa presents problem, but I am using the two-part reporting page that has worked well up until very recently.

  8. Wazoo:

    Thanks for your support. I know it's against the rules to post the entire spam so I won't do that. Here is just the "Content Type:" from that spam

    Content-Type: text/html.

    This looks as though this is going to be a new ongoing problem. I just received another spam and Spamcop managed to identify the Sender but could do nothing for the spam Web site. The "Content Type:" on this latest spam is:

    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

    and I can't track the following URLs using "dnsstuff", "network-tools" or other anti-spam Web sites. (For some reason Samspade has be unavailable the last two days - so I couldn't try that site.) The URLs shown below are the entire line in the spam containing that URL



    href="http://www.Fdr.qq22ws.com/at/">http://www.qq22ws.com/at/</a> </p>

    <p><a href="http://www.boz.qq22ws.com/at/">http://www.oBN.qq22ws.com/at/</a> <br>

    <a href="http://www.Bf1.qq22ws.com/1.php">I want to say adios</a></p>

    This is a humbling experience! I thought I understood the tricks of the SPAMers fairly well. I guess not.

  9. Thanks to both JeffG and Wazoo. The two lines in the spam that have this URL are presented exactly as follows;

    <a href=3D"http://department.proclaim.com.ar[at]wsdc3sx.com/xm/index.html=


    I don't think this is in a Base64 encoded part or that the SPAMer included the encoding.

    I forgot to mention that I am using the two-part reporting since my email client is Eudora 6.0 on a Mac.

    Does this mean that before I report a spam I need to edit it and remove any "=" signs in the URLs?

  10. Lately i've been receiving SPAMs with obfuscated URLs. Neither SPAMCOP nor SamSpade are able to resolve the URL. For safety sake I will not click on the URL itself to see if the link works. Can anyone offer and tips on tracking down Site such as the latest URL I've received: <http://department.proclaim.com.ar[at]wsdc3sx.com/xm/index.html=


    This isn't the only spam I've received where SPAMCOP doesn't identify the SPAMers Web site. This is only the most recent one.

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