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  1. I logged in this morning (Europe) and busted a few people for spam. This afternoon I opened SpamCop and I got rejected on Auth. Tried manual login but no luck either. I hit the 'forgot password', enter my reporting emailaddress and get the following message: "No user found for input: spam_et_mezelf.com" (correct email used and adapted email pasted here) Systems having a big hickup again?
  2. In Preferences - Report Handling Options there is the option "Personal copies of outgoing reports". I supplied an address of my own and I have "3rd party report default" set to Send. However when I parse a spam the address I submitted in my account isn't selected by default. I also tried this via "Public standard report" with 3rd party enabled, but this didn't give the wanted result either. Is there a way to receive a copy of the report by default or is this just not possible? Thanks for your time.
  3. No luck, made a post for it in alt.comp.mail.qmail hopefully someone there knows it. Checked /var/qmail/control/me but that has the FQDN in it.
  4. This is where it gets ugly. I didn't setup the server initially, but only maintain it via webmin (webbrowser based). And until I find a decent (=newbee understandable) book/pdf/whatever on qmail I will be stuck with it. The prev. admin of the server insisted on being as secure as possible (?) and seeing it as his own playground server. Making that this something I would have to live with than because I really don't know what I would have to change in order to get this properly. Should you find this to be a waste of time, then I am sorry for it.
  5. From the mail without mailhostconfig From the mail with mailhostconfig The tagging as spammail is done on our server by the spamassassin plugin for qmail. Just noticed that this one wasn't marked as spam by it. The interpretation of "forwarding" is probably different between us. I ment that the email arrives on our server on mailaddress1 and gets routed to a number of mailaddresses on that server including mine (mailaddress2). Making: Internet -> mailserver -> mailaddress1 -> mailaddress2 I hope this will make more sense.
  6. I have setup up our mailserver in the Mailhostlist and pasted the email that I received. Strangely a spammail that we receive got marked as a spammail before I included the mailserver and it after I included it the spammail isn't even being picked up for processing. Is this some sort of bug or did I screwup somewhere? (edit: before i totally forget to mention this spammail was received on a different address on the same server which forwards this to my email on that same server. Would that be it?) Before: After
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