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  1. I'm not saying that using the spammers link to unsolicite myself from their mailing lists worked, but interestingly, this is the first day that i've received NO spam MAIL!
  2. Not sure this really addresses my issue. I am not being asked a fee to remove myself from any list.......i'm smart enough to not fall for that. While i agree with you that one should not have to ask to be removed from a list to which they never applied, nonetheless, this spammer has somehow gotten my E-mail address and appears to be willing to allow me to remove myself from their list. If they were beaten up over this by SpamCop, wouldn't this be a logical thing to do. I guess only time will tell if indeed they were being co-operative?
  3. I have been reporting unsolicited spam E-mail to SpamCop for about a month now. What i'm finding of late, is that i'll get a reply from the original sender providing me with a link entitled "be removed now!" that i'm assuming allows me to remove myself from their mailing list. I have in fact used these links a couple of times and what it does is take you to a screen on the internet where you can enter your E-mail address and hopefully be removed from their mailing list. Now, i'm wondering if this was just a hoax to get you to reply and prove you're a valid recipient? Anyone have experience with this? Is it a legitimate way to get removed from these mailing lists?
  4. 29326[/snapback] I set myself up as a mole to avoid retaliation. How realistic a threat is this? How do most SPAMCOP users set themselves up and what has been the experience w.r.t. retaliation?
  5. When you say "entire spam", what exactly do you mean? The entire E-mail or all the data shown when one views the message source?
  6. Hi, I am a new user and am hoping to benefit from you experienced users. I set myself up as a mole as it appeared the safer way to go........not sure now? When reporting spam, i supply the IP address of the sender only......again, not sure i'm doing this correctly? In Spamcop, there's a facilty to view your reports, however, when i do so, it's empty even though i've reported many spamers? Any help you can provide to get me on the right track to using Spamcop would be appreciated.
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