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  1. We went to Webmail, we select help and we didn't find any email to ask help. So we selected "Report spam" => "Help" => "SpamCop mail service" => "Where can I get further assistance?" => We don't want to use a Newsgroup, so we selected => "Secondly, the main source for quick help is the SpamCop Email Forum". If "service[at]cesmail.net" wasn't hidden somewhere, we didn't go on a this forum: as suggested. :angry: Why to spend 30 USD for a mailbox and 3.000 USD in time due to read all the forum rules? Regards.
  2. Thank you, Andrew, we did it (messages are older than one day ago) and we did logout and logon several times. We're afraid that's just a quota problem: trash is really over quota and system can't read it. Sincerely we knew about around 50.000 email in trash: we don't know where do they come other 400.000 messages in that folder. Regards, Webmood.
  3. We're sorry if we wrote "Dear support", but we read "Forum Admin", so we believed it was from a kind of support. Next, we just did a reply and QUOTE was already there: right now we understand that quoted was to manually delete, even if there is a QUOTE button beside the REPLY we selected ...we understood that if there is a QUOTE and a REPLY and in the REPLY there is a QUOTE it could be that the QUOTE would have to be leaved. Differently it works just as a flag: "+QUOTE" and "-QUOTE": it 's not clear, but it's really useful. Last, we did everything (agsteele nice suggestion comes even if we wrote: "we selected to delete messages in trash after one day, next we did logouts and logins several times"): we probabily do it better in Italian... We're finally sorry if we discuss about our problem there, bu tit's a week that webmail is unservable and because since 1986 we never spent a week on a problem: a nice vi on trash file or to delete and touch it? Now we ask to service[at]cesmail.net: spamcop.net support said us that's email to receive email support.
  4. Dear Support. We selected to delete messages in trash after one day, next we did logouts and logins several times. Logouts and logins are quickly now, but we can't delete messages using webmail.spamcop.net: [CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response) [ALERT] Fatal error: Cannot allocate memory Finally, trying to access to trash we get that INBOX.Trash is an invalid (or a bad) mailbox name. Best Regards.
  5. Hallo. I've 342548 emails in the trash: I can't delete them or delete new messages and I can't empty the trash form the menu or from the folder options menu. Every time it's a session timeout or a memory error. A timeout often occours trying to log on too. I tried to solve using an external webmail service: to log on is quick, but trying to empty trash is the same. Since a week ago, I asked for help a couple of times, but I'm still waiting for it... Please, could you help me?
  6. We're customers at Interland. Since they come - we was at Dialtone before - the hell come too. Friday they accused us to do spam: just before they're off for the weekend. Anyway, we parsed spam headers and we understood that ...we was spammed, we sent a compliant, who received the compliant manipulated(!) the headers due to send a false email to Interland... Interland didn't parse headers: they just send a false accuse against us. Three days long we're waiting Interland reply, suffering for the spam (we can't report spam as they don't parse headers, and they menace to close our server!). Worste of all: here we have to read that Interland allows spam from its network! My suggestion is: stay away from them! In fact, Interland staff said to us (because our server was hacked and we asked for their authorities help): "USA Authorities investigate only if a damage is about one hundred thousands of USD!". If so, to stay away it could be to stay alive too.
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