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    Yahoo ignoring spam reports

    http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z929044931zee...7acdb0fa129e8az and http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z930747419z8c...9ab9bd4069fdd1z
  2. Whenever I send a SpamCop report to Yahoo!, either because the spam originated from a Yahoo! mail server or because the spamvertized site concerned is being hosted by Yahoo!, I get the following reply from them: So what is smtp104.biz.mail.mud.yahoo.com, for example, if it isn't part of the Yahoo! mail system?
  3. This still hasn't been fixed. Can't we at least be told why not? :angry:
  4. Well, I am paying for the service, and I think it's only common courtesy to let us know whether this is going to be fixed, and if not, why not.
  5. Why are all the user-defined recipients now checked by default? They used to be unchecked.
  6. Nisse

    Hotmail ignoring abuse reports

    The last time I tried to report a 419 scam that was actually from a Hotmail account, it got bounced back by their spam filters. So I sent it again, replacing the message body with "MESSAGE BODY DELETED TO GET THROUGH HOTMAIL'S IDIOTIC spam FILTERS". The offending Hotmail account was actually shown in the headers. The reply I got back was: "Please note that the forwarded mail was a bit lengthy, therefore, was cut off by our system. As we are unable to view the content of the questionable message, we are asking you to please forward the portion of the email, which has the hotmail account. "Forward a copy of the abusive message to: abuse[at]hotmail.com" In other words, please resend the message we bounced to the same address that bounced it, so we can bounce it again. How do these people keep their jobs?
  7. Nisse

    Hotmail ignoring abuse reports

    Now it seems they've put a spam filter on their abuse address. This was received after SpamCop sent a report to abuse[at]hotmail.com:
  8. I reported a lottery scam that came from bay15-f13.bay15.hotmail.com ( The message I got back from hotmail was: Unfortunately, we cannot take action on the mail you sent us because it does not reference a Hotmail account. Please send us another message that contains the full Hotmail e-mail address and the full e-mail message to: abuse[at]hotmail.com What are they talking about? Who should it be reported to, if not the network that sent it?
  9. Getting a lot of spam from IP, which resolves to live-servers.net. The reporting service says it can't find any contact addresses that don't bounce - why doesn't it just look up who owns the IP (fasthosts.co.uk) and report to them?
  10. There's a misconfigured BT Connect mailserver out there that keeps trying to send us an email, despite the fact that we keep rejecting it with a 550. SpamCop refuses to accept a report for this, because instead of looking at the date we receive the mail, it's looking at the date the mail was originally sent, and saying it's too old to report. Can anything be done about this?