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  1. Yes, copying and pasting each full message source into a new email for SpamCop is slow and cumbersome. At first I researched other possible email solutions such as FastMail. With a paid account, they would let me point all my mx records to one of their domains so I could send and receive email through their servers using Thunderbird or any other email client (also known as a mail user agent or MUA). For most people, Fastmail or a similar email service provider (ESP) would probably work just fine and would let you submit to SpamCop via .eml attachments. For me though, I was beginning to discover that the type of hosting account I have was too restrictive. Not just because of the way they were processing my email through their servers, but also because of the limitations I began to see with regard to my ability to run my small e-commerce site. Up til now I've had a shared hosting plan. These are very common of course, and you can find any number of good plans at AllCheapHosting. One of the limits of any shared plan though is you only have acess to the server via the host's chosen 'control panel'. No secure shell (SSH) access, no access to the SpamAssassin configuration file, no ability to choose a mail server program, etc. Also, there's no ability to really get inside a MySQL database or osCommerce shopping cart and really configure them the way I need. I found myself searching fruitlessly for a shared host that offered all the features I need. I could have complete control with a dedicated server, but the $100+ monthly cost is more than I can pay now. A dedicated server is when you rent an entire internet-connected server in a colocation facility or data center. Instead, a virtual private server (VPS) seems like a good middle ground for me. For anywhere from $8 to $60/month, I can rent a set portion of an entire server. I can install whatever operating sytem (OS), mail server (such as qmail), and e-commerce tools I want. Am finally ready to take the plunge into Linux. My primary search and screening tool for this has been FindMyHost, but there are any number of review/comparison services on the net that will let you make an informed decision. For now, I'm going with either Advantagecom or WestCoast. The real kicker though, is that I can configure SpamAssassin however I want, so I can submit to SpamCop using .eml attachments or even more automated means. I can also use any or all of the real-time block lists (RBLs) to cut down the amount of spam that gets through to my inbox For the past couple weeks I've been researching these options and making sure things will work togetther. It'll take a few more days to get things transferred over and set up the way I want. Soon, less spam will be coming in, I'ill be a lot happier about that, and I can concentrate on growing my business. Cheers ~ Sean
  2. I agree I was hard on them Steve. Also, after getting Brent's reply, I reviewed some of the relevant archive threads of the Exim users mailing list (recall that Exim is Hostgator's mail server). Exim indeed only allows for filtering of attachment types (.eml, .exe etc) for the whole server, and does not permit custom settings for each sender or each recipient. So I better understand their predicament now. Even so, I thought I did a decent job of limiting the scope of my request but maybe not. Like I noted for Jank1887 above, maybe my persuasive abilities and/or technical know-how were not up to snuff. Had I known about the limitations of my ISP's mail server software beforehand, I probably would not have raised such a ruckus with them. I suspect that ANY ISP which uses Exim will suffer from this same limitation, and would therefore probably choose not to allow any .eml attachment, just as you described above. Also, if Thunderbird, Pegasus or another mail/news reader allows me to save full message source in a format other than .eml, GREAT!!! I am still on this learning curve and am definitely open to suggestions. I have heard that .mbox files are more of a Unix standard for email data files, but as you asked above, I do not know if SpamCop can parse .mbox attachments just as it can parse .eml attachments. I don't know if the .mbox extension can be used under my Win2K os, or if it's only used in Unix/Linux land. And I don't know if a similar 'forward as attachment' mechanism exists in either the TBird or Pegasus MUAs, as it does in Outlook Express. Will definitely keep reading and learning as best I can. Many thanks again for your post Steve. And, thank you WazOO, for adding Hostgator to the list at the very top of this thread. Best regards, Sean Sowell
  3. Thanks, Jank1887. I guess I lack the rhetorical abilities and/or technical know-how to convince them to let me fight the good fight, so I am definitiely looking for another host.
  4. Hello --- Please add Hostgator to the list of misbehaving ISPs. My open ticket number with them is "[HGSales #AHN-13042-988]". If you are a SpamCop Admin or Moderator, please feel free to email sales at hostgator dot com or support2 at hostgator dot com, with a cc to me - sean at twin-dad dot com, to try to explain to them the error of their ways. I've gone round and round with them and am pretty much fed up with them. Granted, I'm on a shared hosting plan with these guys, at $14.95/month, but this service is atrocious, IMO. I am already looking for a new host and/or an email service provider. Read on if you want, and you can make up your own mind too ... Mike Easter on the SpamCop newsgroup recently walked me through the process of troublehooting this problem, and it became quite clear that Hostgator's Exim 4.50 configuration is the issue. Below are the more relevant excerpts from my emails to and from Hostgator support. Enjoy! Thanks for any help, suggestions or even just commiseration that you can offer, Sean Sowell ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2005 0951 Subject: Please let me send email a t t a c h m e n t s to S p a m C o p > > Hello, > > > > Ok lets try it again. I am closing this ticket. Please reply me in a new > ticket. i.e changing the subject line to something else. Let me see if it goes > through. > > > > Best Regards, > > Joe, > > OK. Just so you understand where I'm coming from, this is about the ninth or > tenth time I have /tried/ to set up a support ticket about this issue. One of > the attachments is named *-take-4.txt, but that just means that I tried to get > this issue across to you folks four times on the 13th alone. I have actually > been trying to get this thing resolved with Hostgator since July 9th. > > FAIR WARNING: By now, I am _/VERY/_ frustrated and ticked off. From my point > of view, all this hassle over what should be a simple fix is TOTALLY > UNACCEPTABLE. > > See the files inside the attached zip file for my questions. Follow the links I > gave in those files, so you can understand the issue and see how much time I > have already taken with the folks on the S p a m C o p news groups. > > And finally, PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!!! I am trying to learn and understand > here. DO NOT just keep throwing up one straw-man objection after another and > ignore my questions. > > Thank you. > > Sean Sowell > www.twin-dad.com, et al. > > PS: I'm putting the extra spaces in between certain words because apparently my > previous submissions were triggering one or more Hostgator filters. ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2005 2212 > > Email attachment issue should be fixed now.Please retry. > > > > Best Regards, > > Joe, > > Hello Joe --- > > Nope, sorry, that didn't work. I tried to submit the 21 spams that got by > SpamAssassin in the past 48 hours. Below is the full message source, with a few > things [munged]. I also snipped off all but the first spample. > > If you need more info to troubleshoot this, please let me know and I'll help as > best I can. > > Thank you for your effort!!! > > Sean ... ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 0046 > > Hello, > > > > The .eml files were being filtered. I removed it. Is it still not > working ? > > > > Best Regards, > > Joe, > > Still not working. The latest attempt is attached, [munged] and snipped > for brevity. > > Sean ... ===== From: "Hostgator Support Team" To: [Me] Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 0708 > The system filters out eml attachments and for good reason. There is no way to configure/remove this on a per domain basis... and I will not do it globally. > > Thank you for allowing me to assist you! > > Warm Regards, > > L.Foster (GatorLyron) > Systems Administrator > Hostgator Support Team ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 0741 > Good morning --- > > Still not working. > > Key part of the attached file ----> X-Failed-Recipients: > submit.[munge][at]spam.spamcop.net > > Am still unable to forward .eml attachments to SpamCop. It appears that I > can now write ".eml" in the body of the email without it being rejected, > but of course that isn't the solution to this problem. > > FWIW, if you simply allow your _known_ _legitimate_ customers to include > .eml attachments in any message addressed to submit.*[at]spam.spamcop.net, > then that should work, and still keep the window small enough to prevent > the propagation of malware to any other address. > > The "*" just after the "submit." above is a unique multi-character > identification code issued by SpamCop to each registered user. For > example, my unique code is sixteen characters long, contains upper and > lowercase letters only, and is in the form NRFjzSoSDnLDupEk. This is not > my actual SpamCop code; I just created this sample to /look/ like it. > > I don't know if SpamCop ever issues codes that include numbers or any > other ASCII characters, or if they are always sixteen characters long. I > also don't know if Hostgator's outbound mail filters allow for wildcarding > and/or whitelisting of specific destination addresses in conjunction with > otherwise blacklisted file attachment extensions. Nonetheless, I offer > this information in the hope that it helps you to resolve the problem. > > Thank you again, > > Sean Sowell ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 0748 ... > That is not an acceptable response. Please escalate this, to the owner of > the company if necessary. Please also see the message I sent to Support2 > about six minutes ago. The information there may help. > > Thank you. > > Sean Sowell > www.twin-dad.com, et al ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 1213 > > > The system filters out eml attachments and for good reason. There is > no > > way to configure/remove this on a per domain basis... and I will not do > it > > globally. > ... > > That is not an acceptable response. Please escalate this, to the owner > of > > the company if necessary. Please also see the message I sent to > Support2 > > about six minutes ago. The information there may help. > > Yesterday morning at 0748 Pacific time, I asked that this issue be > escalated. Since then I have not heard anything. > > QUESTION: Has it been escalated? > > QUESTION: Who at Hostgator has responsibility for this issue now? > > QUESTION: When should I expect a response? > > Thank you, > > Sean ===== From: "Hostgator Support Team" To: [Me] Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 0736 > The system filters .eml files due to virus and attack concerns. This configuration is set in the interest of system security and will not be unset. If you need to send a .eml file, ensure you enclose it into a zipfile before sending. > > Thanks for choosing HostGator! > > -David ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 1336 > David, I am sorry that this has gotten to this point, but you really do > need to READ MY PREVIOUS POSTS. Your reply leads me to believe you do not > understand the limited scope of my request. > > I am NOT asking that .eml attachments be allowed to be sent to any domain. > All I am asking is that .eml attachments be allowed to be sent to the > spamcop.net domain. The SpamCop spam parser is specifically designed to > accept such attachments. > > Again, this respone is not acceptable. Please escalate, to the owner of > Hostgator if necessary. > > Thank you. > > Sean ===== From: "Hostgator Sales Department" To: [Me] Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 2348 > I am sorry there is nothing more we can do regarding this unless you wish to purchase a dedicated server than we can configure any way you want. > > Thank you for allowing me to work with you! > > Sincerely, > Brent ===== From: "Sean Sowell" To: "Hostgator Sales Department"; "Hostgator Support Team" Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 2051 ... > Hello Brent, > > If, judging from some of the Forum posts, you are Hostgator's owner, could > I ask please for the _reason(s)_ that Hostgator is not willing to let me > fight the good fight against spam and send my spamples to SpamCop by way > of .eml attachments? > > If you are not the owner though, please escalate my request to him/her. > > Once you guys make this change all you need to do is get out of the way > and let me do my thing. I can't see how my request is unreasonable in any > way. I also can't see how this request would create any risk, liability > or downside for Hostgator or its other customers. > > If I'm wrong, please tell me how and why. Yes, I am clearly frustrated. > But please also help me understand this seemingly bizarre refusal to make > an apparently small one-time change to your mail server(s). Unless I am > completely off-base, it looks to me like you guys would rather shield the > spammers from active members of the anti-spam community like me! > > It just makes no sense to me that you would rather side with the spammers > against the larger internet community. > > And I don't see why I should be asked to spend untold more $s per month > for a dedicated server, just to obtain this one - apparently simple - > thing!? > > Thank you. > > Sean ===== From: "Hostgator Sales Department" To: [Me] Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2005 0003 > The system filters out eml attachments and for good reason. There is no way to configure/remove this on a per domain basis... and I will not do it globally. if we changed this on the server Many of our users would be getting viruses as well as sending them, and we would be blacklisted, much more frequently. > > Thank you for allowing me to work with you! > > Sincerely, > Brent
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